What? 10 Commandments are nothing more than 'primitive, stupid, ancient superstition'?

Not everyone who reads me believes me. Leave it to the Ten Commandments get them stirred up.

Take this correspondence from a reader:

“Joe Farah, how could anyone be naïve enough to believe that putting up the 10 Commandments in U.S. schools is going to ‘teach young people morality’ and that, because this is not done, morality in America has allegedly ‘declined’? Do you really think non-Christian parents don’t teach their children morals and ethics? Or that atheist parents teach their children to be wicked and evil?

“Give me a break, sir! Remember, our public schools are supposed to be places for teaching, not preaching. And since there is now more religious diversity in America than ever before, and more and more Christians have been leaving this faith, this automatically means that there is now more religious diversity among the students in our public schools.

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“Do you think that students who come from Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist and agnostic homes must be subject to forced indoctrination in Christianity? This is a blatant violation of the rights of both those students and their parents. I don’t have any children myself, but if I did, I would never stand for them being subject to religious indoctrination of any kind as a non-observant, secular, agnostic Jew. There is nothing stopping parents who are Christian [from] taking their children to church on Sunday and they can pray all they want in church and at home and those people are free to teach their children the Bible. And non-Christian parents have the right to take their children to synagogues, mosques or temples, etc. Atheist and agnostic parents are under absolutely no obligation to take their children anywhere to worship anything or any deity. This is what the founders intended America to be. They never intended America to be a “Christian” nation, whatever that is.

“Conservative Christians like yourself do not realize that the founders created America as the world’s first secular nation with a secular government. They were well aware of the bloody religious conflicts which had stained the soil of Europe for centuries and were determined to give every American the right to follow any religion, as well as the right not to follow any religion at all.

“America must always be like this. We cannot allow Christians to open up the slippery slope toward bringing this multi-religious nation closer and closer to becoming a Christian theocracy. Our government must be and remain religiously neutral so as not to violate the rights of non-Christians in America, and hated minorities such as LGBTQ people and atheists.

“Individuals who cannot keep their Christian faith to themselves have absolutely no business being politicians or judges, etc. Such politicians and judges are a threat not only to religious freedom in America but freedom in general. No Christian in America has the right to try to violate the rights of those who do not share his or her religious beliefs. Religious freedom is not a one-way thing.

“It does not apply only to Christians but to everyone in America. Christians do not have the right to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Protecting the rights of LGBTQ Americans does not “violate” the religious freedom of Christians. And if equal rights for LGBTQ people infuriates you, too bad. The Bible’s statements about homosexuality allegedly being ‘an abomination’ are nothing but primitive and stupid ancient, superstition, and the Bible has absolutely no business being the basis of U.S. law.”

That’s what we’re up against, folks. I want you to know what we’re contending with when we operate in this realm – belief in the One True God. But we must persevere.

To remind you, all we want to do is post the Ten Commandments on billboards for God. We don’t want to argue. The time for arguing is running out. If you wish to help me, please do so. If you don’t, then don’t.

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Watch Elizabeth Farah’s recent interview about the billboards on Real America’s Voice:

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