What are the odds the midterms will even occur?

We’re starting to wonder what kind of odds the bookies will be offering, when we go to place our bets on the coming midterms (if the elections are held). Bet on the Dems winning? On a Republican win? Or on no-one-wins if there is no election?

A happy Republican view about Joe Biden’s reelection possibilities is emerging, suggesting that Democrats might just accept defeat in 2024 and are probably moving toward that position. We should question this.

An honest election in 2024 presupposes one in 2022. It also presumes that poor Joe will have any say in it at all, as opposed to that well camouflaged “they” that stands back from the light, writing his speeches and talking points. Given the expectations of a massive defeat, do we really believe, as a certainty, that “they” will allow the midterms to take place, at all? How many options do we think “they” have gamed and entertained, as to which dire “National Emergency” they could get away with proclaiming, sufficient to excuse canceling the elections entirely? Perhaps another Republican “coup attempt” to steal the elections (ask the three retired generals)? A new pandemic of Ebola proportions? A friendly state of war with China? An EMP attack or a massive and effective cyber-hack on our electrical grid? The provocation of a white supremacist guerrilla war? Are we all beginning to wonder?

We can put nothing past the vile “they” who engineered the theft of the 2020 election. We cannot expect them to easily give up the progress already made toward their greatest treasure, our national destruction. And we take a special, nervous note. None of their current policies seems designed, in the least, to benefit their coming electoral prospects. Hmmm.

The lovers of America are now widely denounced as being the haters. Those who hate America are hailed as the champions of Democracy. We have reached that blessed point the citizens of Soviet Russia once enjoyed. We can listen to almost all that is being broadcast, far and wide, and know the truth assuredly, simply by assuming the opposite.

But there is another, even darker way to look at the truth, not concerning that which has already occurred but in seeing what is to come. This is not so specific as making judgments contrary to what the left puts out, but depends on regarding the possibilities and probabilities, from which all of us would prefer to avert our eyes. It has to do with the realization that the vessel carrying the proclamation, “It can’t happen here,” is leaking in gushes and is in danger of disappearing beneath the waves of cyclical history. What is coming that is so unthinkable? Is it the burning cities of 2020 times a thousand? Is it the political prisoners in the D.C. jails times a million? Is it wondering where all the freedom lovers have gone, when the full sway of a totalitarian mass psychosis has been achieved?

What does the unified, worldwide response to one singular lie portend?

The whole world received the viral gift from Wuhan. In a normal world, wouldn’t there be quite a few countries loudly proclaiming China as responsible for either the planned or accidental release of this scourge on humanity? Wouldn’t they be clamoring at the United Nations for China to make restitution for the harms inflicted? Have we missed something? The whole world seems to have bent a knee in conforming to the admonitions of the Fauci brand.

Was news of the successful use of the HCQ cocktail, ivermectin and vitamin D protocols in parts of the world largely hidden from us? Or were these treatments largely banished by most of the countries beyond our borders? The few exceptions, about which we have heard so little, seem to prove the rule. How heinous are the genocidal results of withholding viable and effective treatments from the world for the purposes of profit and power? What more brazen example of one One-World Governance needs be demonstrated before the nations awaken?

The “vaccinations” avenue to a common “emergency” application required that there be no effective alternative treatments. Therefore, all lifesaving treatments had to be completely redefined. Look at the lie that has drenched the planet, and the worldwide success of it. Look at the lie that has managed to stand as the rule almost everywhere, though it required the damning of medicines proven safer than aspirin in literally billions of cases.

We must regard each successful dissemination of such deceit as yet another test case, being carefully monitored by the enemies of freedom. What is the numerical algorithm the test reveals to them? How many times, through how many mouthpieces, does a lie of this magnitude need to be repeated to achieve a critical mass of acceptance? And what will become of us, with brains yet perverted by the lies, when 2 plus 2 finally equals 5? Or else.

Are they winning? What leaders in the “loyal opposition” do we hear telling us the unexpurgated truth about ivermectin, HCQ and vitamin D, about their use in early treatment and as an effective prophylaxis? Even the best of the bunch, if we hold Gov. DeSantis in such esteem, can’t seem to come out with the truth. AstraZeneca’s monoclonal anti-body treatments may be useful, but if he can’t brave the cancel culture’s slanderous campaign against a host of safe, cheap and non-generic proven alternatives that could stop this debacle in its tracks, one despairs that anyone of stature might. The evidence exists and is incontrovertible that affordable and widely available treatments have existed and been known almost from the start. And sidelined, viciously.

Who is there, well-known, admired and strong enough to lead us from this dawning darkness? Who is shouting from the rooftops, “We cannot allow this so-called vaccine to destroy and cripple our children, for whom this flu is essentially harmless!” Where is that person, yet to be silenced, yet to be buried under a mountain of lies?

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