What happened to skepticism of gov't COVID numbers?

Congress paused this past Tuesday to reflect on a milestone – 800,000 COVID-related deaths in the U.S.

And Great Britain recently announced the first omicron variant death. As far as I can see, this is the one and only. And that assumes that this is believable. Personally, I don’t think it is.

But no matter – now that the decidedly non-lethal omicron variant has claimed its first and only victim, the natural inclination is for our authoritarian leaders to issue more mandates – masks, distancing, maybe even closures. In other words, any excuse to abridge our constitutionally affirmed freedoms.

What I find so fascinating is that it has only taken a year or so for the entire country – both left as well as right – to simply forget just how bogus these COVID numbers were and still are – just how much we’ve been lied to just about the number of deaths.

If memory serves me correctly, maybe six to eight months (maybe less) after we first heard of the coronavirus, many of us were reporting about the bald-faced lies being broadcast about how many deaths were attributed to COVID.

Everyone and their cousin were being categorized as dying from COVID – no matter what other conditions they had. Died of a heart attack – COVID death. Hit by a bus – COVID death. It really was that ridiculous. No matter what someone died of, if it was discovered they also had the coronavirus, his or her death was counted as a COVID statistic.

For quite a while many on the right harped on these trumped-up numbers, which were designed to further frighten the masses into compliance. And I stress – that’s all it was designed to do. Any student of history or just human behavior knows that people who are afraid are a lot more compliant.

However, some time in the last year the pushback just stopped. Today, I see and hear those who were the staunchest opponents of the COVID lies, repeating numbers of deaths as if they’re gospel. And all without objection.

When was the last time you’ve heard anyone on the right debunk these numbers? It’s been quite a while. It’s like we’ve kind of given up and conceded these false narratives to the left. We all know there have not been 800,000 COVID deaths.

In fact the actual statistics developed earlier this year are that only 6% of people died from just contracting the virus. The other 94% of deaths had an average of over 2.5 co-morbidities – obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure.

In fact, 78% of all COVID deaths are correlated to obesity.

But of course, in our woke nation, we can’t get upset at the fat people by singling them out. We can’t say: “Don’t want to die of COVID? Lose some weight – get in shape.” No – that would be hurtful fat-shaming. Instead we should use the “one-size-fits-all” approach.

The same thing happened with the passage of bogus Patriot Act long ago, using the typical federal “one-size-fits-all” shoehorn approach to the terrorism scare.

Everyone had to be screened at the airport so we wouldn’t offend the jihadi terrorists. Grandmas, babies, everyone was targeted – not just the obviously suspicious.

And now our government and there media shills are doing the same thing – only with little to no pushback that I can see anymore.

This is how they win, folks. They have history and human nature on their side. They know that if they just keep repeating the lies, eventually we’ll give up, stop fighting and go home.

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