What happens when values die? You're witnessing it

America has descended into near-anarchy in many parts of the country. Crime rates are skyrocketing, and everyday courtesies and kindnesses have gone out the door. Consider just two headlines:

The first story is one of entitlement and childishness. The second is pure evil.

Why is this happening in America? What’s going on?

At its founding, our nation (as most non-public-school-educated graduates know) was based on biblical values. John Adams wrote, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

But the religious unpinning of America took a radical departure in the 1960s when leftists seized our educational and judicial systems, and secularized them. Church attendance has plummeted since then, along with societal support for faith.

These days, the Judeo-Christian morals that once characterized America are either completely mocked, or redefined to the point where they mean the opposite. This is why an abortion doctor could claim it is his Christian “calling” to kill babies because he’s “doing the Lord’s work.” Similarly, several years ago a group of religious leaders participated in a ceremony to “bless” a new Planned Parenthood clinic in Washington, D.C., calling the abortion facility a “sacred work.”

But it goes beyond abortion. It encompasses everything. When a man courteously holds a door for a woman, he’s advancing the male patriarchy instead of being polite. This means fewer men will attempt to engage in courtesies, and more women will eviscerate them if they do. The glue that holds society together disintegrates a little bit more.

This is what happens when a culture decides there is no God. Without God, you can just make up your own “moral” standards as you go. Without God, you can “bless” a baby butchering facility and think you’re righteous. Without God, you can call murder “sacred.” Without God, common politeness becomes male patriarchy.

In a 1998 book entitled “What if the Bible Had Never Been Written?“, the authors note: “Many of the humanists’ goals have been realized in the public school arena. They have managed to throw the Bible out of the schools. But the result has not been what they imagined. By every conceivable criterion, our public schools are a mess, and the banishing of our rich Judeo-Christian heritage in the schools has everything to do with it.”

Those who were raised godless (or who later acquired a godless worldview) will argue they’re perfectly moral, thank you very much. And in fact, many of those atheists do indeed have a moral code, because they’re still largely operating upon the Judeo-Christian foundation that was a vital part of the fabric of America’s creation. Even without a personal acceptance of God’s Commandments, the non-believers adhere to the moral standards those Commandments provided, simply because they were the requirements of civil behavior for those around them.

But here’s the thing about an increasingly secular society: There is a lag time between the cause and effect. Two, perhaps three generations of godless Americans can still create a productive, law-abiding society, because they’re still bound by the written and unwritten laws and values of Judeo-Christian self-control. But with each successive secular generation, that influence weakens.

Remember that: lag time. The results are now catching up to us. Ripping away faith has sown the wind. America is now reaping the whirlwind.

Can anyone deny the connection between godlessness and societal discord? The rise of Antifa and Black Lives Matter? The agenda of Critical Race Theory? The skyrocketing crime and murder rates in cities? The increase in entitlement and rudeness? Today’s godless leftists preach that everything is permissible, and the only thing that’s unacceptable is that there should be rules and restraints in life.

In short, America is now witnessing the results of its multi-generational loss of faith. People are no longer constrained by threats of hell or the hope of salvation.

But both heaven and hell have a purpose during this earthly existence. It modifies our behavior. While the left will focus on times when faith was used as a tool of oppression and mayhem, they ignore the corollary: Without a Superior Being judging our actions, promising rewards or threatening consequences, then we have no restrictions.

Right now, some secular leftists are still constrained by morals and obey the law. But where do those laws originate? Yes, from the Judeo-Christianity morals upon which America was founded. But in their attempts to make America a religion-free society, those laws and morals – and the restraint and control they include – are gradually disappearing. Lag time, folks.

Little by little, those tenets of morality are eroding as succeeding generations, each further from the truth their forefathers knew, rush to substitute their own flawed versions of God’s eternal truth. This lack of God-given morals leaves a hole in their souls … and Satan loves a vacuum.

We have endless examples in history to prove what happens next when godlessness is enshrined in law, including Soviet Russia, Communist China, Hitler’s Germany and the French Revolution (motto: “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”). In fact, the French Revolution is a prime example of what happens when godlessness is mixed with powerless people.

One thing inexorably leads to another. Deny God and all the constraints He imparts – and take away the ability of citizens to defend themselves – and eventually people get guillotined for looking cross-eyed at their neighbors. (And if you claim this can “never happen” in America, you are completely ignorant of both history and human nature – which, incidentally, is another goal of progressive education.)

The French philosopher Voltaire once said, “If there were no God, it would be necessary to invent one.” The godless socialists working hard to craft a new America have taken this statement to heart. Rather than accepting the loving God who created humanity in His own image, they are inventing a sinful, frightening god (CRT, Antifa, forced COVID vaccines, etc.) in their own image.

It’s not a pretty picture.

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