What if God is God, and we're not?

Why is it so hard for the modern world to admit that God is God, and we’re not?

Maybe it’s because everything in the world is going so well right now? You don’t think that’s it? No, me either.

Maybe it’s because of some confusion in our Christian theology? Well, if it is, that’s only because we spend our time thinking about our theology, rather than putting what God has already told us into practice. But perhaps we should be grateful for that. Religions outside of Christianity often spend their time torturing unbelievers until they convert – or die. Christians mostly just ostracize other sects until that group leaves the church and starts one of their own. Is that what is meant by “diversity is our strength”?

Lately, I’ve begun to think the confusion is because Christians have made Christianity too easy. Or perhaps too many fire insurance salesmen became preachers: “Don’t worry about the details! Just sign here, attest you believe, and when the world ends you can watch it burn from heaven!”

Not necessarily my idea of a good time in either place.

Perhaps we could sum it up by saying that the modern world over-intellectualizes God, and at the same time it ignores His emotional component, which is predominantly love. This emerges more fully in the New Testament, but it was also present in the Old Testament.

The Old Testament begins with the account of God’s Creation, especially as it pertains to the Earth, the stars, the sun and the moon. Later we see the creation of the man and the woman, and the animals and plants enter in.

Today the environmentalists and Mother Earth crowd are casting themselves as God’s advisers. They want to take control of humanity’s actions within God’s creation, thereby setting themselves up as God’s enforcer. Big Pharma now sees humanity as an endless supply of lab rats for them to experiment upon while they alter our DNA to better suit the corporatist utopian government complex of mandated consumption and compliance as we are absorbed into the Artificial Intelligence Borg. The supply of late-term aborted babies must be maintained for the ritualistic sacrifice crowd, and the medical research community must be able to to continue unraveling God’s Design in favor of their own patchwork re-creation of what men and women are supposed to be.

What many of us have forgotten is that anyone who attacks any aspect of God’s Creation must expect pushback. It’s not going to be an angry letter (consult the prophets for these) or a patent infringement court case. We, as men and women, control what we think about circumstances. God simply alters the circumstances more to His liking. If you have set yourself up in opposition to His plans for humanity, you should expect to see your plans unravel in front of you. That’s just the pushback, not the punishment. I don’t think any of those applying for God’s position understand this. The ones who think they do are the most mistaken.

Lucifer is perhaps the most prominent created being who has a problem with God being God. He was created to administer God’s kingdom, but decided that he should be God, rather than His creation. Sound familiar? I think we’re onto something.

In America there is a large group of people who are (supposed to be) public servants. These people especially seem to be confused about who God is and why they can’t be Him. At one time they were known as Democrats, but that label no longer describes the God-wannabes of today. I think the European Union and many other nation states have this same problem. Just for the record, having a few more votes from your fellow citizens than your opponent doesn’t make you God – not anywhere near. If you think it does, you were never a god-candidate in the first place.

Maybe it’s a good thing – no, the best thing – that God is God and we’re not. If the position could be bought, we’d all be working on the various billionaire’s agendas for heaven on earth, waiting for payday at the end of the month. Or maybe the cash register would be set up like the old company stores, where your purchases all went back into the company’s account. Rather like the goal of the colorful revolutions, which the old Soviet citizens snipped away at with this little descriptive quip: “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.”

That really is as good a description as there is about mankind creating heaven on earth through communism or socialism, isn’t it? Fortunately for the rest of us, the communists and socialists only think they are God. They will only be disabused of this notion as long as the rest of us know they just need reminding they are not God, and never will be.

The problem for godless governments in America and elsewhere isn’t the Second Amendment and patriots. The real problem for God’s opponents is that He is once again highlighting the distinction between His children and the rest of the world. Repentance, whether on an individual or a national level, is the only currency God recognizes. The fear of the Lord among the wicked will be the next demonstration of God’s love for His children. Bon voyage!

Earth’s Final Kingdom, the Armageddon Story novel series (Vol 4), by Craige McMillan

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