What if it's all pantomime?

As Christians, we know that things happen first in the spiritual realm, then in the natural, right? To put it another way, God acts first in the spiritual, and the natural realm has no choice but to follow. My Word “shall not return onto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it (Isaiah 55:11 KJV).

We do know that, right?

If the spiritual and natural realms do not function in this way, why do you suppose Jesus was so amazed at his encounter with the centurion, as recorded in Matthew chapter 8? Here is a quick summary of the encounter:

Centurion approaches Jesus on the street, explains his servant is gravely ill, and requests Jesus heal the man.

Jesus says he will come to the centurion’s home and heal the servant.

Centurion objects that he is unworthy to have Jesus set foot in his house.

Centurion assures Jesus that he knows Jesus has the necessary authority to heal, and explains briefly how authority works in the centurion’s world.

The centurion asks only that Jesus say the words, and his servant will be healed.

Jesus speaks healing and the servant is healed.

As the encounter ends, Jesus expresses astonishment at the centurion’s faith, which is so much greater than what he has seen among the Jews in Israel, who have had such a long history with God to draw upon.

Perhaps in our modern world we confuse power and authority. The centurion explained to Jesus that he (centurion) was under the authority of the officers above him, and his men were under his authority. He did as those in authority over him asked, the same as his men did what the centurion directed.

Is power implied? Perhaps, but that is an assumption on our part, if we speculate on the request made in authority not being performed.

Most everyone either has prayed or will pray at some time in their lives upon this earth. If there is not much of a history there, between the conversants in that prayer, how would anyone in the spiritual realm know the authority under which the prayer was made? Sometimes authority is desperation, “God! Help me!” At other times it is more like obligation, as in “of course I will pray for you.” But how does the unseen world of heaven know what our authority is, when we make a request in prayer?

Indeed, if we have authority, what is it? Where does it come from? Following Jesus’ resurrection, he made an astonishing statement to his disciples: “All authority in heaven and on earth is given unto me.” Not some. Not a lot. All of it.

If Jesus has all authority, then what authority does the enemy have? Logic tells us none. But Scripture tells us that the devil was a liar from the beginning. The real answer for those of us in the natural realm is that the enemy has as much authority as we give him, whenever we believe his lies. He has as much authority as each one of us gives him in our lives.

If, as Christians, we believe that we belong to Jesus, then why would we believe the enemy when he tells us that he has authority over us? Do we agree with him? Or do we rebuke him for his lies?

If we spend our time listening to the enemy and his representatives, we will eventually end up agreeing with him. At that point we forfeit all the power God and our forefathers gave us over our own destiny as spelled out in the U.S. Constitution and its limited federal government powers.

There’s a reason why civics is no longer taught in government schools, isn’t there? There’s a reason this federal government is ignoring its duty to protect us from foreign invasion, and instead subsidizing hundreds of thousands of illegal-alien invaders, whom they are making entirely dependent upon government handouts. There is a reason they want to change the demographics of America.

And yet, there are times when the agenda seems so extreme, insane and unworkable that one wonders … is it all something produced by failed, third-grade level screenwriters? Are international leaders going to make diplomatic agreements with a government empowered by an election that 35% of likely voters now want overturned?

If you shut down the liars and look at the facts directly, what happens if five states find their elections were so corrupt or incompetent that the legislature no longer believes the election results were real? What happens if those states decertify their electors?

The U.S. Congress can do and say whatever it wants regarding the election and timing deadlines. So can the state legislatures. Guess what? Fedzilla was created by the states, not the other way around. How will a federal government that perhaps half the states come to believe is illegitimate survive? That’s something we’ve so far been spared in America.

Either we are watching pantomime, or the nation has gone insane. If you understand that the final authority is God, you will worry a lot less about everything. Ask yourself who has all the authority, and ask Him how he is using it.

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