What if Mar-a-Lago raid is about banning Trump in 2024 – or worse?

Think about it.

It makes all the sense in the world.

“Disqualifying” Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential race – or something worse – gets us no closer to being a free nation.

I know it’s unthinkable, but think as if our country is depending on Trump, as though our very lives depended on him – because maybe they do.

We’re not likely to figure out all the ways the 2020 election was stolen.

We’re not likely to “prove” it was stolen – to the satisfaction of Trump’s enemies.

We’re not even likely to hold Big Tech responsible for the vast conspiracy of 2020 – or dismantle it before the next election.

We can’t even have the one “conservative” cable network in the U.S. MENTION the possibility of grand theft of our election – let alone all the many ways it was carried out.

We can’t even have debate or dialogue about the recent film “2000 Mules.” It’s unmentionable.

And even though it is widely accepted in 2022, the Democrats and Big Tech are still calling the shots.

Instead, the Democrats are having their way with us. Are we pinning all our hopes and dreams on the “big red wave” in 2022, most likely another rigged election? Are we fooling ourselves? Perhaps.

The fact remains that the official results of the 2020 election still say Joe Biden “won.” That’s not likely to change any time soon. Most blue states are not about to change direction. We haven’t had even one meaningful victory yet in 2022 except for promising candidates being selected in primaries. None of them has been elected yet.

When we can’t have a free and open discussion of all the illegal drop boxes placed in Democrat-heavy precincts or how the Pennsylvania Legislature unconstitutionally authorized no-excuse absentee voting or how Philadelphia clerks illegally inspected ballots and then told Democratic activists which voters needed to cure their ballots or how Wisconsin election officials ignored the state election code on nursing homes, what good does it do now?

The Democrats have won the debate by default. When you accept the loss of freedom of the press, you lose the truth. We’re talking to ourselves.

We now have John Daniel Davidson, senior editor at The Federalist, who is warning that the 2024 election is being rigged “right now in plain sight.”

While we are fascinated by the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home, under the direction of Attorney General Merrick Garland for “secret documents” belonging to the government, we may be witnessing the biggest steal yet – perhaps even planting evidence and installing bugging devices.

But Davidson said the raid is just part of a larger scheme: “the rigging of the 2024 presidential election.”

The 2020 results weren’t stolen “so much as rigged months in advance to give Joe Biden an advantage that all but guaranteed his victory; the 2024 election is being rigged to ensure that Trump either cannot run or, if he does run, cannot win.”

“As some expert observers have pointed out, including my colleague Margot Cleveland, a far more plausible explanation is that the FBI was perhaps on a fishing expedition, looking for evidence that could implicate Trump in the Jan. 6 riot,” he said. “It’s no secret that Democrats and the Jan. 6 Committee want Garland to charge Trump with ‘seditious conspiracy’ in hopes of making it impossible for Trump to run in 2024. In that case, a documents dispute with the National Archives would be nothing more than a flimsy pretext to get into Trump’s residence and look for incriminating evidence related to Jan. 6.”

This time part of the rigging is part of Big Tech’s plan to begin shutting down “misleading” and “dangerous” election claims.

Get it?

The Democrats are going for broke – now while they have all the power.

Meanwhile, they continue to ignore Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell – or even the voter-roll management system used in 31 states and D.C. that is sharing voter data with the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Election Innovation and Research, one of two groups Zuckerberg used during the 2020 races to send $420 million to local elections officials to influence to results for Biden. Davidson’s report said the real purpose appears to be “to boost Democrat voter turnout by forwarding state voter roll data, including records from unregistered voters, to CEIR.”

He warned, “Understand that the same powerful people, companies, and nonprofits that conspired to rig the 2020 election are right now rigging the 2024 election, using many of the same tactics.”

And what is to prevent the Democrats from turning a few key states their way in November 2022 to block the expected “big red wave”? Suppose it’s a bust? Are you going to bet your country on it?

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