What if the 'Big Bang' is just another fake media narrative?

As most of us have learned since the 2016 presidential election, the media are more about a “narrative” they string together than they are about what actually happens in the world. The “facts” of what happened will be forgotten just days (sometimes hours) later. The narrative, however, enjoys eternal media life, and can be applied to any news story that gets too close to actually explaining what really happened on the video we are shown.

Given present-day media capabilities, why even bother with talking heads who earn millions of dollars a year for explaining the pictures we see in front of us? Can it really be worth all that money just to “help” viewers understand their world? Or is the narrative designed to maintain control over those who turn to Big Media Channel for their understanding of why their world is so untidy?

Lately, I’ve been wondering if “Big Media” and “Big Science” might not be similar hustles used on the public to preserve, well, funding, for one thing. Laud Fauci always reminded us that he always followed the science as his reasoned for tyrannical lockdowns and forced treatment. But even this far past the event, do we really know what science Laud Fauci was following, and the results of that following? Or do we only know what Big Media, Big Government and Big Pharma want us to “know” about these events?

Propaganda maintained at the level we have recently experienced may actually be able to create false realities in the minds of its listeners and viewers. Those false realities are used primarily to bolster political party affiliations and win elections for party politicians.

Perhaps some Big Science narratives are similarly useful in obtaining funding and altering worldview among individual citizens. During the earlier part of my life, I frequently tried to reconcile religion (Christianity) with scientific theories. Once I was done with college, I simply left it at alternate explanations for the world around us.

Now, closer to the other end of my life, I find myself wondering if these alternative explanations for how everything came to be aren’t closer to the Big Media narratives designed to control us from discerning the truth of our existence?

Let’s look at a specific example: Creation. God repeatedly tell us in the Bible that He made it all, and therefore He owns it all. He even elaborates, telling us that He spoke everything into existence. He also assures us that we are part of that Creation, that we exist eternally, even beyond death, and that we are bound my His moral laws eternally, if we want to have a good life.

The Big Bang posits that the universe assembled itself according to natural laws, then exploded and is still expanding everywhere, according to more natural laws.
A modern-day religious compromise explanation is that God used the Big Bang to create everything. Unfortunately, that makes a liar out of God.

Few would dispute that even a human creator owns his creation (and has a right to sell that ownership to someone else), which is why we have copyright and patent protections for authors and inventors in the Constitution. The creator owns and controls his or her creation until he or she relinquishes the rights to that creation.

I don’t recall God relinquishing the rights to His Creation of humanity anywhere in the Bible (I treat the Father and the Son as co-equals here, as does the biblical concept of the Trinity).

The only way to escape God’s morality is to invent an alternative narrative that removes God from the Creation picture. The current moral condition of humanity in most modern nations speaks to the effectiveness of removing God and the biblical Creation account from education, culture and government.

How does the Big Bang narrative affect some of the things that are happening around us right now?

  • Abortion on demand?
  • The Great Reset (one-world elitist government)?
  • Moral education in schools?

Please add your own in the comments. How does the Big Bang as opposed to Creation affect how we think about our lives and the life of our nation? One thing that may not be obvious is that the Big Bang mentality excludes the supernatural from any part in the world or universe that we see. God seems to utilize the supernatural realm for his actions most frequently, even when they affect the natural realm.

What think ye about the Big Bang narrative in our world today?

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