What Jerry Falwell didn't understand

I absolutely believe the late Rev. Jerry Falwell’s heart was in the right place when he and colleagues founded the Political organization named the Moral Majority. But – and this is a huge but – leading with the heart is a perilous undertaking that nearly always ends in disappointment and/or tragedy.

Even those outcomes that can be defined as desirable are often Pyrrhic because of the unbalanced proportion of equipoise taken by an amoral and godless enemy skilled in urban guerrilla political warfare.

Rev. Falwell failed to realize two key factors: 1) morality cannot be legislated; and 2) I would argue he in essence delegitimized Proverbs 26:6 KJV, which reads in part: “… and by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil.”

And there in lies the rub. There is no fear of God nor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; said fear being reverence, respect and piety.

There was little piety nor reverence for the things or personage of God in the public square at the time of the founding of the Moral Majority. The other definition of the word fear is: terror or terrifying, i.e., of the situation or potential outcome tangential to the object causing the fear emotion.

It appears that Rev. Falwell also either didn’t understand the political enemy or he failed to reason the depths politicians on both sides of the aisles would exercise: every ounce of influence and power they could usurp and steal.

Let me be perfectly candid. Doctrinally, he and I certainly did not agree in toto. He was a Calvinist, and I am Methodist in doctrinal tradition. But the Moral Majority missed the mark because its focus was wrong. Christ came to change hearts unto salvation; He did not come to change government.

The industrialized extermination of children was a massive part of society in 1979, and homosexuality was out of the closet. Its demonic, unhealthy sexual perversion was quietly and firmly entrenched in public schools.

The Republican Party that would be the recipient of the monies, candidates, etc. were no better than the godless reprobates masquerading as Democrats. In reality they were and still are the worst Marxism has to offer.

Continuing on until today, since that time only two presidents have been on the side of We the People – Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

The candidates elected with the help of the Moral Majority and the legal challenges inspired by the group were ostensibly for naught.

I repeat yet again, I harbored no ill will toward Rev. Falwell before he founded the Moral Majority nor afterward. I’m trying to help people understand that these politicians are godless, liars, thieves, traitors and murderers sucking the life force out of America, wheeling and dealing for personal gain. And yet, the public, despite the number of times they have been politically sodomized by Karl Rove, the Bush family, Paul Ryan, Fox News, Mitch McConnell et al., blindly pledge allegiance to them.

Specific to my point, a perfect example is the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 (CAA). In case you weren’t born yet in 1995 or you weren’t paying close attention to me in 2017, during President Trump’s first term, let me jolt your memory with one of the most reprehensible acts by politicians sworn to have the best interest of We the People.

Every single member of Congress on both sides of the aisle with the exception of one person voted to approve and pass this act.

What is the CAA, you ask? It’s a self-generated blanket protection act to conceal from the public the misdeeds for which congressional members should be dismissed and/or criminally indicted. The same people who were and are attacking President Trump today are guilty of approving over $17 million of taxpayer monies to settle at least 260 sexual misconduct complaints at the time President Trump was in office. It goes without saying that it’s reasonably believed these monies also paid for abortions of congressional staff and others.

People wonder about nepotism and how horrific pieces of legislation and court rulings come about – follow the money trail of the $17 million.

The next time you hear a politician pontificating about what the American people want, tell them the American people want to know why the proceedings for a bill that passed 390 to 0 in the House and 98 to 1 in the Senate have been made secret by law that Congress established.

And yet, they have the audacity to feign the Kabuki theater Jan. 6 hearings that are nothing more than a witch hunt trying to find enough dirt to prevent President Trump from running and winning again. Make your congressman tell you how much of these monies they were involved in spending to resolve criminal sexual complaints by men and women.

Electing the so-called “right people” is not the answer as we have seen played out time and again. I know there are people who disagree, but let them. I make no apologies for not being ashamed of the Word of God.

If the Christian churches were doing what the Word of God instructs us, instead of trying emulate the sinful world, the people we elect might actually be trustworthy.

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