What 'the Obama woman' would offer as president

Kamala Harris is a loathsome, inarticulate and utterly incompetent fraud, but at least it can be said that she slept her way to the top with a man (or men). The Obama woman is a grotesquely unattractive, boorish harridan who suffers more humiliation than Hillary Clinton whose husband molested and battered women into submission. The Obama woman endures the ignominy of being married to someone that publicly boasts that his days are consumed with fantasies of sodomizing and being sodomized by men.

Add the fact that she has an insatiable hatred for America and the American people, specifically those Americans with the absence of melanin she exhibits. She epitomizes a person with a massive inferiority complex who suffers from the realization that no matter what she does in the futile attempt to exhibit the more desirable qualities of womanhood, her husband will always find men more alluring than he finds her. Assuming he ever found her desirable, but I digress.

I admit that has to be a bitter pill to swallow; and in her case no matter how much top-shelf vodka she reportedly swills, no matter how many millions of taxpayer dollars she spends on lavish vacations, ill-fitting tacky-looking clothing, make-up, wigs and hair pieces, she will always be less desirable than the men of her “cough-cough” husband’s craving.

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Imagine the baggage she would bring to presidential race. If she was a runaway train fueled by usufruct when she was the “first woman” (I cannot in good conscious call her a lady), just imagine her if the Democrats were able to steal her the election.

She’s a resentful, remorseless hater of modernity. In her Princeton thesis she lamented: “I have found that at Princeton no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my professors and classmates try to be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus – as if I really don’t belong.” She specifically complained that whites made her feel “black first and a student second.” This was a stunning admission in that it shows how conflicted she was and is.

On the one hand the venom she spews is always about the burden she supposedly carries being a crayon color. She castigates Americans for moving out of middle-class neighborhoods, claiming the people are moving because of the complexion of the people moving in. She fails to acknowledge that upward mobility is the bedrock of the American dream. Her inferiority complex is another layer of cataracts over already blind eyes.

I recently saw a video clip of her being interviewed, in which she seemingly did her best to shed tears discussing how hard it was for her in the White House. Her comments were followed by a sucking sound somehow made through her teeth. The pregnant pause that followed her petition for sympathy failed to bring about the pity she obviously anticipated.

Americans made a huge mistake allowing false guilt to shame them into electing what she is married to; but her repeated efforts to convince people that having every need, whim and fancy not just attended to, but granted shows the racism she endures is a reach. I’m guessing her real angst was living in the “White” House and not being able to paint it black with graffiti on the backyard fence and a mural of George Floyd on one of the outside walls. (Sarcasm intended.)

The Obama woman literally brings no capabilities to the table, apart from a trove of jeremiadical tales of immiseration. I can tell you that anyone who lives in her Martha’s Vineyard ZIP code doesn’t have it hard.

She wants to be liked, but she is wholly unlikeable. She wants to be viewed as beautiful and revered, but her boorish commonality reduces her to table dressing at a backyard urban cookout juxtaposed to honored guest at a sophisticated dinner party. Shall we count the times she embarrassed the American people by going ghetto at formal affairs both here and on foreign soil? Should we forget the time she mugged the queen with hugs? Should we forget her repeated tacky outfits with the oversized belts and sleeveless dresses?

The Democrat women as a whole are a talentless, incompetent hate-filled lot. Maxine Waters, Liz “fake eagle” Warren, Jill Biden, the Halloween sisters: Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Cortez; Kamala Harris et al. prove my assertion. Pelosi being the daughter of a mob boss is more qualified to be a prop in “The Godfather” movie franchise.

Shopping sprees, vacations and usufruct are not the administrative skill set needed to be president. Hatred and envy aren’t diplomatic virtues. Never having earned so much as one position that required business acumen isn’t the resume America wants for president.

We’ve seen how quickly a true Marxian neo-Leninist America hater can destroy the economy, our defense, schools, family and culture. For those who care about America, I strongly urge you to decide if America wants four more years of the nightmarish incompetence displayed by Obama/Biden.

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