When did America's trajectory get off-kilter?

There is something in America’s history that has gone awry. Yet I cannot put my finger on it. Still it is there … working against us even today.

Is it perhaps a distorted truth that has been taught down through our nation’s history? Is it something that has been covered up, where the truth was known to only a few – and they took that secret to their graves? (That is easier to believe in the world before social media.)

America’s founding documents are many: Land grants from the English king. Business and trading charters. State constitutions, especially the earliest states. Nationally, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and finally the U.S. Constitution.

One of our earliest founding documents, however, is not often considered: the Mayflower Compact. The original document was untitled, but clearly one many people signed. The document pledges allegiance to the then English king and describes the settlements as existing for God’s Glory and the advance of the Christian faith.

Because God is infinite and eternal, it would not be out of character for Him to consider agreements made with a group of individuals as binding upon both the signers and their descendants. In the Bible we can go back to Moses and the Ten Commandments to see how all Israelites were bound by Moses’ actions.

Many purely political efforts have been launched against America as well. Modern constitutional amendments (beyond the Bill of Rights) seem to favor big government over individual freedom. What’s that all about? The 17th Amendment (direct election of senators) was very destructive of states rights. Prior to that state legislatures appointed U.S. senators (and could recall them).

The income tax amendment vastly swelled the federal governments coffers and has attracted big-government do-gooders ever since. Proponents of the 16th Amendment promised it would never apply to the little guy, just the wealthy. Ever hear that before? Nothing creates mischief as fast as a pile of money waiting to be spent by government. The goal of big-government types has always been to supplant state governments with one big FedZilla. When even the income tax receipts ran out, FedZilla simply began creating the money out of thin air.

But the odd part is, the efforts to change FedZilla always seem to give it more power, directly contradicting the Constitution. That is one reason I keep going back to our history. What are we missing?

The educational system is broken; it is largely day care provided by deviants (political and social) who spare no effort in keeping parents in the dark about what they are doing to children. The government is full of secret agencies spying on the American people, but to what end? They should be spying on our government representatives and posting the results on intel agency websites. Big media newscasters lie to your face, night after night, as if that is perfectly natural. Big money PACs invade local elections, even primaries, removing the small-government voices from red state residents. Trade agreements put America dead last. International agreements seem to be financed mostly by America (money or military power), and Obama even sent planeloads of cash to our “friends” in Iran to buy their “cooperation” in nuclear weapons development. No one, of course, knows where that money went, or whose campaigns it funded.

There are unending reasons for a doom-and-gloom mindset. Yet despite all the enemies America has within, I am optimistic for our nation. Not because of what we are going to do, but because of what God is going to do. One reason for the optimism is that I know God is not simply a bigger, more powerful version of us. If that were the case, there would be no hope.

No, humanity is not going to someday reach the point where we establish technical parity with God. The Tower of Babel, the Great Flood and, indeed, the Cross of Christ remind us of the scale upon which God can act. God is not overwhelmed. Satan decisively lost his hold on us at the empty tomb.

God’s victory on our behalf will not look like we expect it to look. I have suspected for many decades that God has a backdoor, which only He can access, into Humanity’s heart, soul and mind. “Behold! I stand at the door and knock. …” Watch, and see the salvation of our God and the crushing defeat soon to be delivered to His enemies. America will yet assume its rightful place in the world. It will accomplish all that God created it to do. And you, at your option, will be an indispensable part of it all.

“Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns,” by Craige McMillan

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