When 'progressive' CEOs rock the boat of success

We often see Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and other senior-level company executives fired when their corporation suffer a financial downturn for reasons they should have foreseen and ultimately prevented. What blindsides these companies is often the result of “disruption,” occurring when a competitor institutes a technological innovation giving it a significant market advantage.

For example, Amazon started doing business as an online bookseller in July 1995 in the Bellevue, Washington, rented-home garage of Jeff Bezos. Companies like Barnes & Noble and Borders Books failed to timely recognize the negative impact this would have on their revenue streams (even though Bezos’ parents saw Amazon’s potential, investing $250,000 in it). While Barnes & Noble survived Amazon’s e-commerce onslaught better than most brick-and-mortar retailers did, necessitating some CEO changes to do so, Borders Books did not and was forced to close down in 2011.

It is always disheartening to see a company that has spent years building a positive national brand reputation for its product or service go down the tubes for lack of foresight in focusing on what challenges the future may hold for it. But, after all, that is why CEOs get paid the big bucks they do.

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What is totally irresponsible, however, is when the disruption suffered is self-inflicted – a decision to implement change to what was a winning formula, turning it into a losing one. This is especially true when that change is based purely on a social activism agenda that simply defies the laws of nature, science and common sense by promoting transgenderism. This was the course Disney chose to take for which it now acknowledges it has lost billions of dollars in revenue, posing a major threat to its future.

Disney is not alone. We witnessed the financial tumble other companies took by choosing to discontinue doing business as they were – i.e., making profits for their shareholders–to embrace the progressive ideology of transgenderism. Companies like Bud Lite and Target were two nationally known brands that made this course change, also losing enormous market shares for doing so.

Anne Jakrajutatip, 44, who goes by Anne JKN, is a Thai businessperson, television host and, at $210 million, the third richest trans person in the world. Like Bezos, JKN is an innovator who found a market niche to pursue that brought fame and fortune. JKN’s parents owned a video rental store in Thailand that Anne transformed into a content-distribution giant airing foreign films, programs and documentaries.

In 2022, JKN, using a parent company known as JKN Global Group, bought the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) for $20 million. As a trans person buying MUO, intentions concerning the 2023 competition came as no surprise. JKN sought to open MUO’s doors wider for transgender participation (there was a prior trans contestant in 2018 from Spain).

MUO told CNN in October after a trans competitor was crowned as Miss Portugal that, “Trans women are women, full stop. We are here to celebrate women, full stop. This has been true for more than a decade, and we’re proud to have made this change very early on, compared to other programs.”

While all human life deserves the same level of respect, to be respected too is what nature, science and common sense have told us since the beginning of recorded time – there are but two genders, both identifiable at birth. FULL STOP.

The 2023 Miss Universe pageant included two trans competitors, Miss Netherlands and Miss Portugal. This year’s contest was held Nov. 18 in El Salvador. However, 10 days before the scheduled event, JKN – having ignored the lesson that businesses should not rock the boat of success by embracing an ideology that defies common sense – filed for bankruptcy.

The officers and directors of for-profit corporations have a fiduciary duty to the corporation and its shareholders to prioritize its welfare and best interests. For the Miss Universe Organization, those best interests involve recognizing that business is business, transgenderism is transgenderism and “never the twain shall meet.”

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