When the wannabe authors collide with the actual Author

Do you ever ask yourself unanswerable questions? It’s OK to ask those questions, because I do it while I write my novels. Then I let the characters arise who can answer those questions. This technique helps me to avoid formulaic fiction and takes me (and my readers) to places they never imagined possible.

What works well in fiction may not work well in real life, however. Part of the reason is that in real life we are often both the “asker” and the “answerer.” Fictional characters do not usually arise to help us answer our own questions, as they do for me when writing another story.

Limits are important to us, even within a fictional world. Most products have limits, and so do most people. One of the questions an author frequently asks is, “What are the limits to this situation?” The reason authors constantly ask that question is because while fiction is a made up story, for the reader to engage it must appear to be real. It never happened to you as the reader, but it could have!

When an author’s fictional world drifts off course, it is not the author’s job to fix that world. The characters must fix it, because they alone inhabit that world and are able to change it – for the better or the worse. If the author reaches down and fixes it, then the characters will be out of place and not know how to live their lives in the fixed world.

In a way, that seems like where we are right now in our own world. We as the characters living in our own world no longer seem to be in control of our world. Governments and institutions, like churches, businesses, schools, aren’t functioning as we would expect them to from our inputs. Results are unpredictable. We don’t know how to fix it.

It is almost as if someone has reached down and changed the rules of operation of our world without telling us. Our normal inputs do not result in our expected outcomes.

Maybe that’s precisely what has happened. Maybe a group of powerful and wealthy people have decided to change the way our world works, but neglected to tell us what they planned to do. Maybe these people see themselves as somehow special: The actions and inputs they make can change everything, but no one needs to be told–or to give their consent. These people are – in their own minds – superior to the rest of us because of (fill in the wishful thinking here).

The most important part this shadowy world-rearranging group have neglected is this: The actual Creator of the universe they have suddenly decided is theirs to own is still invested in what He created. They tried to convince the rest of us that there is no creator, and everything, including us, is here by chance. That narrative favors the luck of the draw, so to speak. As even an inexperienced writer will understand, this sets up tension in the story for the characters living inside this story. And tension is one of the things that moves a story forward.

In the case of the globalists, they are dealing with something they don’t believe exists, or even that it can exist. We can think of this as a second author entering into an unfinished manuscript of the original story, and trying to make changes to what the original author created. A character is manipulated (maimed) and no longer fits into the story. Another must be created. Two separate visions. Two separate worlds. Two separate outcomes. One large group of confused, disorientated characters trying to adapt to an uninvited author modifying the unfinished manuscript.

At the moment, our world seems to have drifted out of the natural realm, and into an imaginary realm without any vision of what it was created to become. Conflicting visions by authors in conflict. Green Commandments to replace the original Author’s Ten Commandments, written in stone. A network of corruption and power to replace the God of Love and Grace.

The tension in this story is not sustainable. The characters cannot go about their daily lives where truth gives way to lies and the public purse is used to build the globalists’ new world order – the one where they become gods and the rest of us serfs and slaves.

Unfortunately for the one-worlders, the Creator God they don’t believe exists is not about to abandon His Creation to the wannabes. The story we are in begins at the Red Sea in the bBook of Exodus. The same Author who redeemed his Creation from Pharaoh is redeeming it from the globalists of today. They want to be gods, but they aren’t ready to pay the price God paid for our redemption through Jesus. Brace yourselves for the exposures. The globalists aren’t capable of stepping into the middle of God’s narrative for humanity. They will learn this firsthand. There is one more exodus coming. One they never saw.

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