When will the military begin repelling the invasion?

I find myself wondering how America won World War I and II, then waged a forgotten war that left Korea divided, and finally slithered away after Henry Kissinger donated South Vietnam to the Communists to secure our “dignified” exit.

Could it be, that it was because the military stopped running the wars and let whatever jackass inhabiting the White House take his turn at playing general and micromanaging the wars? Could it be our nation simply tired of being the world’s policeman, for the benefit of the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about? Or was it all an extended game of “good cop, bad cop” being played by our government elitists, against We the People?

It’s pretty clear today that our news media are every bit as honest as they were in the days of Walter “and that’s the way it is” Cronkite, back when most of us were still children, and the televisions – along with the narratives – were all in black and white. Our news actors were just a bit more subtle back then with their narratives, which are still in play today: “Damn the events, full speed ahead with the narrative torpedoes!”

Ah, but what is the real news? What is fake? And what does it matter?

The biggest news that goes unreported is that the current administration is running a full-scale invasion of America by women, children and military-age males from foreign nations, people entering across our borders illegally. When they arrive they are given government and private assistance to stay here illegally and to embed themselves deeply within the heartland. In fact our government is using chartered airplanes to fly them from nations to our south, across our borders and checkpoints, and to embed them in the deep within our nation. Fake citizens, I guess.

The U.S. Constitution specifically requires the federal government to protect the states from foreign invasion. Regardless of election results, what legitimacy does a government that is running this ongoing invasion have to govern? And if the military doesn’t exist to protect the nation and its citizens, what good is it? Our job is to shut up and pay for it, to protect the elites’ buddies and financial ties, worldwide? Maybe it’s time for Gen. Mark Milley to get off his woke hobby horse in the Joint Chiefs, and mount up onto a real cavalry steed from which he can defend the nation from an invasion being run from within.

The fake-news narrative is that none of this matters because COVID is going to kill us all! If you didn’t die from the initial infection, it’s only a matter of time until the variant of the month gets you. You better sign up for the drug cartels’ jab of the month club, wear a mask, and stay inside where you can listen to our fake narrative about how Trump is still a threat to “our democracy.” The only thing Trump was ever a threat to was the good ol’ boys club that divided up and distributed taxpayer money to other club members, leaving the debt for the Deplorables. We can’t postpone much longer and still have a nation.

I’m sure their democracy is not our democracy. If it were, they would call it a democratic republic, and take care that only citizens of the republic could vote in elections. If our democracies were the same, then Meritless Garland would be using the Department of Justice to prosecute the illegals being imported into the nation by his boss, Alzheimer Joe. Meritless wouldn’t be using the Department of Justice to threaten the states for fulfilling their constitutional mandate to run clean elections. He wouldn’t be discriminating between pre-and-post COVID election laws, either. But then, if Meritless really wanted to improve life for America’s Deplorables, he would be prosecuting the Biden family crime syndicate for its financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Or did Meritless already have his own tarmac meeting, like one of his predecessors?

If I truly thought we were in this fight ourselves, I would indeed be most miserable. The elites have sold themselves to Satan, who in turn has sought to advance the timeline beyond what God has permitted. The D.C. cult is about to experience the folly of that decision. A deal with the Father of Lies is not worth the parchment it is written on. For some, repentance may still be possible, but the coming Red Sea moment will eternally close that door to them.

God created humanity, and in that sense He still has skin in the game. We are the generation that will see what an Act of God really looks like from here on earth.

Left Behind is far in the future. Armageddon Story is here and now.

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