When you're in a war, it helps to know who the enemy is

When you’re in a war, it really helps to know who the enemy is. You want the enemy to expend his ammunition and soldiers to reduce your opposition. You don’t want to do his job for him, now do you?

Too many of us seem to be acting as unpaid mercenaries of big media, big government and big tech. They throw a small piece of rotten meat off the table and onto the dirt, and we all begin attacking the people on the other side of it. The opposition, who tossed the morsel out there, go unnoticed.

That’s not a victory strategy, folks.

The real war – whether we know it or not – is between God’s truth and Satan’s lies. Satan’s lies have brought America to the brink of self-inflicted extinction. Almost nothing that is being argued about in the news stream is a federal government function! Government, education, church, business, technology, entertainment … all have embraced Satan’s lies about humanity and the rest of God’s Creation. That’s what they are fighting about.

If you’re identifying enemy combatants directed by someone Jesus called “the Father of lies,” you just may be part of the problem. Having embraced the enemy’s truths, the secular world (godless world) has spent generations banishing God’s truth from the public square. Perhaps that is why Satan’s lies are so popular: They have no competition in the public arena.

Sure, you can worship inside your church building. Until you can’t.

Real Christianity ran afoul of the fact checkers in the church long before it ran afoul of the social media thought police, the deplatforming demons and big tech overlords. For these people, the power of the Cross isn’t simply a cultural sensitivity or insensitivity issue they would like to avoid.

The power of the Cross is an abject terror they must do away with, once and for all. Why? Because the Cross continues to salvage humanity, one broken soul at a time, when nothing else works. Those salvaged by Christ on the Cross are the “woke” humanity the politically corrupt, billionaire backroom business puppets and interfaith impostures fear more than anything else in heaven or on earth. Funny, though; it’s only the “Christianity” part of the interfaith movement that seems to rile them.

We must realize that much of the church also fears the Cross. The Cross rises up against many churches’ watered down theologies, their powerless, feel-good sermons, and their collection plate mentality. “Give us your money. We’ll do good in your name. Then you will have treasure in heaven.”

Thanks, but I already have treasure in heaven. That’s not because of what I’ve given, but who I am. And who I am is entirely because of the Cross. Jesus’ birth, life, death on the Cross and his Resurrection didn’t just give me a reserved parking spot in the good place, or save me from a car fire in the bad place. It gave me what humanity had at the very beginning: an intimate relationship with the Creator God.

We celebrate the Resurrection as Easter, and rightfully so. But what Jesus did on the Cross went further. It went all the way back to the beginning. Christ on the Cross restored my relationship with God as His Child, as it was in the beginning, when God walked and talked with the man and the woman in the Garden. It takes us back before the Fall of man, during which we handed over the world to Satan. That’s why God asked Eve, “What is this that thou hast done?” (Genesis 3:13) He was looking at what was to come.

We went from being children to living as outcasts from heaven. Perhaps the easiest way to look at the whole of it is that Jesus’ death and resurrection went all the way back to the beginning: It restored our broken childhood with God.

Many Christians are waiting for God’s judgment and rage to be poured out on an evil and disobedient world. I get that. Some, however, are waiting for the greatest outpouring of God’s grace in the history of the world, the time that He welcomes many prodigal sons and daughters home. You’re welcome to believe either ending, or something different still.

I just find myself wondering if maybe it’s not all about America, but that perhaps America is all about the rest of the world. Maybe that’s why Satan’s soldiers are fighting so hard right now. Maybe in God’s mind, “destiny” applies not only to individuals, but to nations as well. “Go therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). I don’t think the “great reset” and the new world order it is to usher in are the discipleship and baptism that God has in mind for the world.

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