Where are the 'anti-fascists' now?

Does anyone else find it telling that Benito Mussolini, who brought fascism to Italy, was a socialist who aligned himself with the out-of-power political party, before he rose to power and destroyed Italy? Hmm … today we seem to have capitalist oligarchs aligning themselves with socialists, who came to power with the Biden electoral “landslide.”

What was fascism? “Italian Fascism promoted a corporatist economic system whereby employer and employee syndicates were linked together in associations to collectively represent the nation’s economic producers and work alongside the state to set national economic policy. This economic system intended to resolve class conflict through collaboration between the classes.”

Of course, it did nothing of the sort. Those who want to produce are rarely aligned with those who want to sit on their posterior and do nothing, while producers do both people’s work and pay the bills. I was so hopeful that the elitists in America wouldn’t pursue the same path Italian fascists did to gain power, because ours are such selfless oligarchs. Do those demanding every person be vaccinated against COVID-19, even against their will, understand that governments love using corporations to control people?

That is the textbook definition of fascism. But it is also teaching from the colleges of yesteryear, when the narrative served the historical events, and not the other way around. Today the events and statues from our past that do not serve the ruling political party’s narrative are simply erased. Once that happens, the present is able to redesign the past’s narratives to create the future and serve the oligarchs in power.

Big tech, big pharma, big media, big money and big government are today all aligned against little old us, “We, the People.”

  • Big media demand an “official” source for information before they will report it.
  • Big tech censors any dissent, which gives the appearance that their is no dissent.
  • Big pharma sells supertankers full of vaccine to the government, which we pay for.
  • Big government criminalizes therapeutic treatments that are cheap yet effective – and have been for decades – against the “worst pandemic in human history.”

Yes, it is the greatest show on earth, and as PT Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Together media, tech, pharma and government have created the “variant of the month club.” Now that club membership growth has waned, those running the government at the behest of the club have determined that the State must force vaccinations on every individual. All for an infection slightly less deadly than the seasonal flu.

If this triggers you, then you are indeed under the control of the unseen hand that is now manipulating world events to consolidate power under the reign of some of the most evil and corrupt people who have ever existed.

This has been made possible, in no small measure, by comfortable Christians sitting in snoozable church pews for the last 50 to 70 years. I know because I was one of them. They listened intently to the message, then went home and sent money to someone else to do the work. In that process, they let America be dragged down near enough to hell’s gates to smell the future Satan has planned for the world.

A Bible-believing Christian nation would never have fallen to the depths that America has today. Abortion is no longer (and perhaps never was) about anyone’s “right to choose.” It was always about satisfying the craving the oligarchs had to enable the mad scientists to experiment on the product of the abortions – even if the child was born early, but alive.

Jesus’ teaching to his disciples that they “heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those with skin diseases and drive out demons” was the road map given to his disciples to make the world more Christian. If we have changed the assignment because we didn’t like it, then we have no right complain about the results of our efforts. Let’s at least stop pretending that we tried what Jesus said, but it didn’t work.

The realms of light and darkness in the spiritual world are real, just as the Bible teaches us. Does anyone doubt that the kingdoms of light and darkness in our physical world today are every bit as real, and that they are connected to the spiritual realms of like kind?

Fortunately for us, the Bible does not teach that God is no longer doing miracles on the earth. Conversion is the greatest miracle, and He does it all the time. In a world of automatons, which is what our educational system and culture have created over the last few generations, God’s most radical effort has been discarded from memory.

That effort was Creation. The knowledge that God created each and every one of us (I knew you before you were born) and made each of us for a specific purpose is the kryptonite to today’s godless world. This godless world is built upon Satan’s lies, which remain all that he has to offer humanity.

The Great Awakening now breaking across the world will not be led by theologians and soft-pewed pastors. It will be led by artists, songwriters, musicians, painters and storytellers. The true shepherds of the sheep will have to pick up the pieces as God’s Spirit sweeps across the earth, as it never has in human history.

We are almost through the period during our age where Satan has contended with God. Now God has begun to contend with Satan. No one has ever seen a worldwide Great Awakening. We have something more valuable than a front-row seat. We have a front-row calling to bring in the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen.

Yes, Earth’s Final Kingdom, book 4 in the Armageddon Story series, will be available next week!

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