Who are the real 'binary' thinkers? The intolerant left

Have you noticed that leftists, those who demand tolerance from everyone else, are the most intolerant among us? It’s their way or the highway.

I would hope you have. It’s not hard to spot.

There are growing bodies of evidence that cheap, virtually over-the-counter medicines have had incredibly positive results in fighting and preventing COVID-19 – drugs that have been out for decades and have a long-term track record of proven safety. No one can say this about any of these vaccines. In fact, in a growing number of cases, it’s quite the opposite.

And then there’s natural immunity, achieved by previously having the coronavirus. It is safer, as or more effective than the vaccines, but completely discounted by the COVID Fascists in charge. Talk about binary thinking. It’s vaccines … or else.

The BLM movement demands that everyone agree that black lives matter. But woe be to any individual who insists that yes, “black lives matter, as do all lives.”

How dare you say this, that “all lives matter.” It’s heretical to the cause, as if black lives are the only lives that matter.

This is binary thinking at its finest – literally black or white, something leftists accuse us of being. But isn’t this always the way? The left accuses us, or projects upon us, everything they are currently doing.

The good news is that slowly and steadily, as they push their radical agendas further left, more and more reasonable Americans are waking up and speaking and acting out.

And the better news is that it’s beginning to happen in the leftist-dominated safe space: academia.

For an entire year, children were forced to wear masks to school. None of the binary-thinkers in charge gave a thought to the possible ill effects of these face diapers.

But some parents in Gainesville, Florida, were sick of the binary thinkers in charge (aka the teachers union) and sent their kids’ masks to a lab to be tested. The results that came back should shake your soul – almost a dozen different pathogens.

Of course, this lab test could have been commissioned by the expert-set many months ago, but that would have undercut their own binary mask mandate.

And then there is the binary thinking of the “trans movement.” There can be no other opinion or belief, no other action than to celebrate the ever-growing number of genders. And like the BLM movement, woe be to the individual who denies the existence of those genders, or even disagrees with the notion of gender fluidity.

But despite the pressure to conform, students, parents and even some teachers are beginning to fight back.

For many decades the radical left has infiltrated America’s education system. Starting at the college level, it has successfully worked its way down through high school, middle and elementary school levels. For the radical left knows, as did their fascist and communist predecessors, that the earlier you can inculcate and indoctrinate the children into your warped ideology, the more successful the brainwashing will be.

You may have seen or heard Lilit Vanetsyan, the extraordinarily brave teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia, rail against the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Or the black mother who did the same. Or the New Jersey prep school teacher who resigned rather than teach that all whites are racist – period.

All these non-binary thinkers have been ostracized by the leftist press and political elitists.

On the flip side, we see a shining example of fascist binary thinking, where a female Missouri middle school teacher – we’ll call her Karen – calls out a boy in her classroom as, “ignorant,” a “straight jerk, butthead,” and “weasel,” just because he won’t embrace the LGBTQ agenda.

Ah, the radical left – masters of the ad hominem attack.

So the next time you see or hear some leftist describe another as a binary thinker, just remember the truism that the left accuses us, or projects upon us, everything they are currently doing.

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