I got an email the other day from the Democratic National Committee.

You may be surprised that I’ve been getting more and more emails from the DNC lately.

What were they peddling?

I admit I was curious. Why me?

There was not a lot of product and even less originality in the DNC pitch, I determined.

But a couple things struck my eye – seeming contradictions, you might say.

There was for sale a T-shirt emblazoned with a mock U.S. flag design reading: “Hate has no home here.”

It got me to thinking: “Who are the very people exuding hate through every pore of their bodies, while labeling those with whom they have mere disagreements as ‘haters’?”

They are today’s Democrats. Much like the original Democrats – who were defenders of slavery.

Exhibit A in this political hate fest has to be the infamous organization known as the Southern Poverty Law Center. It show up billions of times a day on Google searches whether you’re trying to find it or not. That’s because the SPLC is not only a destination for Google, it’s also a paid partner and collaborator. It’s political manipulation. It’s bias of the most obvious kind. You see, the SPLC is Google’s official partner in determining what the most powerful search engine in the world classifies as “hate speech.”

I can tell you who, according to Google, the SPLC and the Democrats, represents “hater” more than any other human being on the planet. That would be former President Donald Trump. Yes, still. That’s a fact. Just as Google is currently working with China’s totalitarian President Xi Jinping to provide search results without dissidents or dissent to his subjects, Google’s public enemy No. 1 has been Trump since the day he rode down the escalator to become president – and even before that. To Democrats, President Trump is still evil incarnate.

It’s worth noting over and over and over again that, in addition to the hateful SPLC serving as Google’s official arbiter of standards, practices, biases, censorship and blacklisting, it also serves in that capacity for the other members of what I call the “Speech Code Cartel” – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Amazon – often referred to as Big Tech. Isn’t that a coincidence? And who are their patrons? Democrats!

Who are the haters?

Who bans books?

Who blacklists?

Who censors speech?

Who cheats at elections?

Haters do. Haters hate. And haters too often act on their hate. And the haters often accuse others of doing exactly what they themselves do. It happens often among the dictatorial – like fascists and communists, socialists and other power-hungry control freaks who think they are smarter than everyone else.

Has Donald Trump ever banned a book or called for one to be banned? Not to my knowledge.

Has Donald Trump ever facilitated totalitarianism? Not to my knowledge.

Has Donald Trump ever suppressed dissent? Not to my knowledge.

Has Donald Trump ever ruthlessly used his power to deprive anyone of information? Not to my knowledge.

Has Donald Trump ever abused his power? Not to my knowledge.

It seems to me that’s the stuff of Democrats, tyrants, censors, blacklisters and violence advocates of the left – almost exclusively. Am I wrong?

This is what the Democratic Party has become, I say sadly as a former Democrat, a former radical lefty.

Take it from their patron saint, Saul Alinky, the author of their bible, “Rules for Radicals,” whose first edition was dedicated to Satan. His fifth rule is: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. It infuriates the opposition, who then reacts to your advantage.” That’s what haters and bullies do – and worse.

But sometimes it’s necessary to turn that weapon against those who claim to have invented it and almost certainly turned it into a political art form. And now is that time.

The haters don’t respect free speech. They don’t respect freedom of the press. They don’t respect freedom of religion. And they don’t respect and honor free elections.

They only respect raw power – and they never let go willingly.

Remember this.

And, while you’re thinking about it, remember that we’re in the toughest fight of our lives – you, me, decent people, non-haters, freedom-lovers, real Americans and, yes, Donald Trump.

The bad guys, the evil ones, smell blood in the water, and they are coming in for the kill – again.

It’s time to recognize them for what the Democrats are – the sworn enemy of the America and its Constitution.

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