I’m not sure who originated the idea of our present reality being a computer simulation (maybe Douglas Adams, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”?), but like many things, I blame Scott Adams for popularizing the idea. (That’s a compliment, Scott. Don’t sic Dilbert or Dogbert on me.)

It would take a society both enamored with technology and bored with their own existence to originate the computer simulation idea, or at least a culture that was already somewhat unhinged from the “reality” of reality as an idea.

The usual suspects have jumped on the idea our existence as a simulation, with Fakebook embracing the change to the point of renaming themselves Meta as in metaverse. They hope to rebuild their own reality in the metaverse. Facebook’s current reality is that they’ve been caught censoring free speech, buying elections, generally being naughty and probably doing bad things to their investors that we don’t know about … yet.

It might appear (in our prior simulation) that it would take a technological society to think it could replace God with Big Tech. But Big Tech’s only resemblance to God is that most of us don’t understand it – or if we think we do, “what we know just ain’t so.”

But, back to the original question: Who broke the simulation? There we were, going along pre-COVID, pre-Trump-Biden-election contest, thinking “normal” was just around the corner and would be there forever. Then, Poof! It all disappeared. Obviously, somebody broke the simulation.

How do we know our prior reality was a simulation? Well, the computer just won’t restart after numerous tries, and we just can’t restore the original simulation program. So now what are we stuck with? Another simulation, a bit of compromised code – or did we just fall out of the simulation, down into the computer circuitry and short out the entire works?

Well, if I had to pick one of the above, I think it would be that all of us fell down into the computer circuitry, shorted out the equipment, and now we are wandering around inside real reality! The computer simulation is gone: The old ones we lived in before Big-C have been deleted.

Big Tech is working frantically to repair the hardware and write new simulation programs for us. But a reality no one expected has intervened. It consists of exposure, exposure, and more exposure. All that was built out of our sight during the earlier simulations is coming to light. The ugliness is wearing on us, and those who created our earlier reality have bumped into something they did not think still existed.

Yes, the simulations have come to an end. The Big Tech dreamers talking of technical marvels that will elevate them above the clouds have run headlong into the Creator God of the Bible. They are in the process of learning that the God who spoke everything into existence also watches over His Word, to see that it is performed.

They and their minions have no defense against anything the Creator chooses to do to them, or how He disrupts their plans. Their efforts to hijack humanity and repurpose us for their own benefit has come to a screeching halt. They are finished, as are the fallen angels they worship in place of the Creator God.

Some of those so eagerly awaiting the Great Tribulation will live to see it, because the enemy tried to push the timeline ahead, prior to the Bride’s reign on Earth. The enemy will instead encounter the Head, the Body, the hands and feet of Jesus at work in the Earth, which the enemy will have no power to control, despite his technology and its worshipers. Yes, we are in the End Times, but we are not yet in the End of Time.

God is the only one who can guide you now. Stay close to Him, stay in His Word, and listen to the still small voice as He speaks to you. No one else can direct and protect you in this journey.

Read “Earth’s Final Kingdom,” by Craige McMillan.

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