Who will be more surprised: The church or the world?

Just to be clear, we are all going to be surprised when God saves our world from the godless corruptocrats and the New World Orderists. Perhaps the major reason is that His actions will be supernatural. They won’t be just bigger technology than we have, or more powerful nuclear weapons. or even some new form of technology that we have yet to discover.

If you are a secular bystander and see this, you will experience shock and awe, because the problem God is now moving to fix is entrenched into governments around the world. The secular world will be unable to imagine a military operation of such scale and coordination. But then, the secular world thinks of angels as beautiful women dressed in scanty nighttime attire. God thinks of angel armies, of whom God’s Son, Jesus, is the Captain. They are a military force and will accomplish whatever God has sent them to do.

If you are a church person, you will be no less shocked and awed at the scale and power, but your entire church history and teaching will have been that God acts through men and women in the world today; miracles were only for the people “back there” in the Bible. They don’t apply to our age.

Many modern people view the supernatural as just advanced technology that we don’t yet have, or perhaps even some ancient technology that earlier mankind had and that was lost to us.

As I started to write my supernatural end-times novel (“Armageddon Story”), I began to understand that God is equally at home in both our natural world and the supernatural world. He is, after all, the Creator of everything, natural and supernatural. As my novel series has unfolded, I’ve had hints that the natural and supernatural are one large reality, although we may have access to only part of the whole. God moves freely in both those worlds, and His Will prevails in both of these worlds.

It might be that the biggest problem believers in God have is viewing the Bible (God’s history for mankind) through the eyes of modern technology, rather than through the filter of a supernatural world. We don’t pay attention to what we actually read; we filter it through our own understanding, which only confuses us. Faith healings are viewed as a myth; the doctors and the medicines healed that person. We know that’s true, because God doesn’t do miracles in our age.

Well, why not? Why wouldn’t God heal someone’s body if a believer asked Him to? Would God simply ignore him – or perhaps find the money to pay the doctor and hospital bill? Well, why would God go to all that trouble, when His Presence is enough to restore anyone from any disease? In other words, God shows up, even in the supernatural world, and disease is healed, even in the natural realm.

The age in which we are living now is one that is soon going to experience God’s presence in our natural world to a degree most of us have never seen, heard, or felt. That’s why I think the church is going to be more surprised than the secular world when God shows up in our world. He will remove the usurpers from their positions of power, install those He has chosen for this time and execute judgment upon those who attempted to move His cosmic clock ahead to achieve their own delusions of grandeur.

Here’s a little thought experiment that is perfectly safe to try: Read the book of Exodus in the Bible, and as you do, try to overlay the captivity and slavery of the Jews under pharaoh with the experiences of those of us living in supposedly free nations today. God says in His written word that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. If He saved His people from Egypt then, why would He not save His People in the modern nations of today, especially if those nations had turned to witchcraft and the worship of evil to gain power over their fellow citizens? I would be very interested in how your overlay turns out.

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