Who's really in charge of America?

I admit it. I’m not half the man for this job I once was. I blame it on the strokes, and how I missed a year of work during my recovery time. I’m not as up to snuff at figuring stuff out like I used to be.

What have I been trying to figure out? Who’s running America now.

The tell-all story was the State of the Union speech Tuesday. It’s clear our leaders are a committee of dunces. It’s not just Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – though they both fill the “dunce” description. There are way more know-nothings involved. But Harris’ recent juvenile geography lesson on Russia-Ukraine tells how much contempt they have for Americans.

That it was a committee that put the speech together was obvious.

First, someone had to make the decision that the State of the Union would mark the official close of the COVID-19 hysteria. That was an important milestone. No more mask mandates. No more large-employer vaccine requirements. Of course, they left open the possibility of bringing them back if another variant comes along.

Second was the hodge-podge of policy “resets” Biden did his best to read into the speech – the border closure after he welcomed into the country in excess of 2 million people in the last year, shipping out Border Patrol officers to Ukraine, embracing the idea of ending the supply-chain crisis by luring businesses back from overseas, all leading to chants from Democrats of “USA, USA, USA.” I hadn’t heard one since a good ol’ Donald Trump rally.

The first half of the speech was preoccupied by the Ukraine catastrophe – Biden’s biggest mistake yet. Why do I characterize as his biggest yet when there have been so many calamities in Biden’s short time in office? Because Vladimir Putin has been planning this since January or February of last year! Biden didn’t see it coming. But it was predictable. “Putler,” as I call Vlad, saw Biden blunder into signing off on Germany’s pipeline deal with Russia and renewing his war on domestic oil. The rest was predictable.

But there’s even more that’s explainable. Bear with me.

What else was done at the Capitol this week? A fence went up in Washington for the security of the State of the Union, we were told. But it wasn’t for that purpose. That was a lie. Apparently, and I don’t know what cabal is the acting president of the U.S., they decided to kill two birds with one stone and set up what’s coming TODAY in Washington – the People’s Convoy. You haven’t heard much about this. Facebook and Google have pretty much blacked it out. The war in Ukraine hasn’t helped either. But the stuff’s going to hit the fan Saturday.

I predict it’s a trap being planned that will make to People’s Convoy into another Jan. 6 fiasco. Not that the convoy isn’t a good idea, but look for the cabal to turn it into another FBI-style “insurrection.” I’m predicting that’s how devious, devilish, insidious the Deep State is. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But that’s what the fence was built for – not the State of the Union.

Days ago, I was looking for news of the convoy. It sounded like it was a dud. But it was just CENSORED by Big Tech. Facebook banned “militias” from posting about the convoy – always be skeptical of that word. The Daily Beast is trying to create another “civil war” with their hyperbole and a “militia watch” report.

“The report, by the research nonprofit Tech Transparency Project, found paramilitary groups ratcheting up the rhetoric on pro-convoy Facebook pages, even when some of those militia groups had already been banned from the website,” the Daily Beast said.

And the TPP Director Katie Paul said: “We’ve been concerned about seeing the rhetoric around ‘tyranny’ and ‘civil war’ in a lot of these groups, because the same type of rhetoric and the volume of it in these large Facebook groups precipitated the January 6 attack on the Capitol.”

The Daily Beast reached out to a Facebook spokesperson who “noted that militarized social movements, including militias, are banned from the site, and that Facebook has removed more than 1,000 such groups.”

“Organized in a series of Facebook groups and Telegram channels, the demonstration is less an authentic trucker movement and more a consortium of right-wing grievances,” reported the fake news Daily Beast. “Some of those convoy organizers are even further right than advertised, the TPP report found.”

Would the press, the TPP, FBI and Big Tech – meaning virtually the whole conspiracy involved in the Jan. 6 fiasco – love for history to repeat itself?

Oh, by the way, the U.S. Department of Defense recently approved the use of 700 National Guard members and 50 large tactical vehicles to help amid concerns of major traffic disruptions in the Washington, D.C., area.

The People’s Convoy is supported by The Unity Project, The America Project, Advocates for Citizens’ Rights, U.S. Freedom Flyers, American Foundation for Civil Liberties and Freedoms, and a variety of faith-based groups.

Don’t be fooled again.

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