Why are sexual revolutionaries trying to destroy women?

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Americans – at least those who are neither hypnotized nor overly intimidated by insane “woke” religious ideology – know their beloved country is in serious trouble. They watch in horror and sadness as it rapidly morphs into a pagan playground for sexual revolutionaries masquerading as freedom fighters.

Thus, today all things corrupt and unholy are celebrated, with the entire month of June officially set aside as “Pride Month” to honor and publicly flaunt immoral, perverted sexual behaviors widely practiced in the ancient biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

At the same time, everything good, decent, wholesome and moral is, for some strange reason, now demonized. This is the reality Americans have been living with throughout the third term of Barack Obama, half-seriously masquerading as “the Biden administration.”

Quick review: Today, “straight white men” holding to conservative Christian values are routinely condemned by powerful leftist political leaders – utterly without evidence – as “white supremacists,” “violent extremists” and “domestic terrorists.” This is not entirely new, as “the patriarchy” has been vilified by large parts of the leftwing feminist movement for decades, an attack on men that continues into the present day.

Incredibly, even America’s children have become front-and-center targets of the revolutionary left’s transformational agenda. Early sexualization – considered a heinous crime in previous eras – is widespread in the increasingly toxic “public” (government) school system. Young people are also indoctrinated daily with toxic Marxist ideologies like “critical race theory” and taught to hate their own country – all while being scared to death about the imminent end of the world due to out-of-control “climate change.”

So much for the men and the children.

But what about America’s women?

Few are talking about what is, in truth, the ascendant radical left’s complete and total war against women.

Fortunately, at least one aspect of this war is receiving some publicity, providing a glimpse of the pagan left’s larger hidden agenda with regard to women. That would be the bizarre phenomenon of male athletes pretending to be female – and then dominating women’s athletic competitions. Without question, if the current trend is allowed to continue, eventually mentally ill (or simply deceitful and opportunistic) men will destroy women’s competitive sports worldwide.

But ruining women’s athletics, from high-school track to the Olympics, is just the tip of the “woke” radical left’s woman-annihilating iceberg.

Droves of male criminals are now, once convicted, suddenly “identifying as” women so they can be incarcerated with female inmates, resulting predictably in multiple reports of women being raped and sexually assaulted in prison while serving their sentences.

Even though this policy is obviously cruel, criminal and insane, the penal system blithely facilitates it. Why? To do otherwise would be to violate the sacred laws of modern life handed down from on high by the ever-expanding, shape-shifting, cultural god known as “LGBTQIA+.”

After all, as author and talk-host Dennis Prager has correctly observed, “The dominant force in America and many other Western countries today is fear of the left.”

It’s not just sports teams and prisons where sick men are ravaging women – all with the approval of governing authorities. Men masquerading as women are likewise invading the rest of women’s spaces – from their locker rooms and bathrooms, to girls’ schools, dormitories and sororities, to women’s shelters, spas and social organizations and much more. In the process they are stealing women’s scholarships, advancement, honors and myriad other opportunities. Worse, they are placing women in mortal danger, since – as recent headlines prove – objecting to any of this predatory madness often results in extreme anger, and sometimes violence, on the part of the male pretending to be female.

Even more troubling is the virtual epidemic of LGBT activists grooming middle-school and high-school girls into transgenderism. Yes, young boys are caught up in the transgender craze as well, which is equally tragic. But a uniquely widespread “mass hysteria” is manifesting among teenaged girls. As documented by Abigail Shrier, author of “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” one recent study demonstrating today’s widespread “peer contagion among adolescent females” reveals how “anxiety-ridden, middle-class girls who once engaged in cutting or anorexia [are] now wearing ‘binders’ (breast-compressing undergarments), taking testosterone and undergoing voluntary double mastectomies.”

So it’s no surprise, as NBC News reported in February, that the “CDC says teen girls are caught in an extreme wave of sadness and violence.” Revealing that a “new report finds an ‘overwhelming wave of violence and trauma’ and never-before-seen levels of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts among high school students in the U.S.,” the story cites the CDC’s own shocking statistics: “Nearly 3 in 5 teen girls (57%) said they felt ‘persistently sad or hopeless.’ That’s the highest rate in a decade. And 30% said they have seriously considered dying by suicide.”

Repeat: Almost one in three American teenage girls today have “seriously considered” committing suicide.

The cruelest trick

These are just some of the recent manifestations of the left’s ongoing war on women and womanhood. Before the current era, perhaps the most pervasive, consequential way women have long been attacked by the left has been the promotion and legalization of abortion. But this was the inevitable result of the radical left’s relentless push for sexual promiscuity among women, perversely labeled “sexual freedom.”

Thus, despite the Supreme Court’s dramatic decision overturning Roe v. Wade last year, thanks entirely to Donald Trump’s having installed three pro-life justices onto the high court during his four years as president, abortion is nevertheless still legal in many states and promoted more zealously than ever. Increasingly radical groups like Jane’s Revenge regularly commit violence and arson – and threaten much worse – against pro-life clinics and personnel.

In reality, one of the cruelest tricks one can play on a woman is to convince her to kill her own child. For decades the abortion industry – staffed and promoted largely by liberal-leftists – has lied to women, telling them their unborn baby is equivalent to a clump of cells, a piece of worthless, disposable tissue like a tumor. If the client realizes it really is a baby – her baby – but cannot raise the child, the obvious solution is adoption. Yet adoption, one of the noblest acts a couple can embrace, is virtually never mentioned in abortion clinics, which are, after all, in the business of selling abortions.

In every previous epoch of Western Civilization, the crowning glory and happiness of a woman – or at least the biblical ideal embraced by most women – has centered around entering into a lifelong marriage partnership with an honorable man, becoming a mother, bringing children into the world, raising a good family and living a righteous, faithful and happy life. If the husband/father is the leader of the family, she is, as wife and mother, in many respects the center of the family.

Yet, her honored and central role in the traditional family, with its strong internal loyalties, religious ties, stability and independence, is hated by the revolutionary left. Even a century ago, when the first communist revolution unfolded in Russia, the Marxist goal of wrecking the family took center stage.

Here’s how Soviet historian Mikhail Heller explained it in his insightful book, “Cogs in the Wheel”:

One of the first things V. I. Lenin did when he came to power in the Soviet Union, after the revolution in 1917, was to have passed what amounts to our no-fault divorce statutes. Lenin, and later Stalin, determined that in order to maintain control of the people it would be necessary to completely destroy the family and restructure it.

Thus, on September 16, 1918, a law was passed whereby one could obtain a divorce by simply mailing or delivering a postcard to the local resister without the necessity of even notifying the spouse being divorced. This statute, along with the communist encouragement of sexual immorality during marriage, approval of abortion, and forcing women out of the home into the workforce, accomplished its purpose of destroying the Russian family.

Do those words describing a communist revolution long ago and far away somehow sound strangely familiar to us today? The “encouragement of sexual immorality,” along with widespread “approval of abortion” and the powerful cultural and economic factors “forcing women out of the home into the workforce” are, in today’s revolutionary America just as in the early revolutionary days of Russia, the playing out of Marx’s godless utopian fantasy.

As the late Phyllis Schlafly explained in her book, “Who Killed the American Family?”: “The American family was destroyed by a combination of political activists, judges, economic theorists, self-proclaimed experts, and left-wing politicians.”

“The goal of the progressives,” Schlafly reveals, “is to break down the American family, destroy parental authority, deny right and wrong, reduce family autonomy, and get as many people as possible dependent on government programs. That’s why liberals, especially feminists, wage a persistent attack on the institution of marriage and the traditional family structure.”

In other words, a significant part of the left’s hostility toward a happy, intact marriage and family is cravenly political: Single, divorced and unmarried women overwhelmingly vote Democrat – about 70% – and this is entirely intentional on the part of the left, which is forever promising to protect and support those in need. However, the truth is, today’s Democratic Party needs there to be ever more dependent, unhappy, dysfunctional, needy people because they comprise a major part of Democrats’ electoral base.

The left thrives on brokenness, which always seems to invite their authoritarian control.

Today, top government officials champion every aspect of this war on women and the intact family. School children, as Americans are continually told throughout the Biden presidency, don’t really belong to their parents, but to the state. “They’re all our children,” Biden told teachers gathered at the 2022 National and State Teachers of the Year event. “They’re not somebody else’s children; they’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.” Likewise, abortion is great for the economy, insists Treasury Secretary Janet Yellon, who told a congressional committee: “I believe that eliminating the right of women to make decisions about when and whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back decades.”

As the left strives relentlessly to eliminate the most essential and God-blessed aspects of womanhood, its chief leaders and thinkers can no longer even agree on what a woman actually is. Sen. Marsha Blackburn memorably asked Supreme Court Justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson during her March 2022 confirmation hearing, “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?”

To which Jackson replied: “I can’t. … I am not a biologist.”

So the newest justice on the United States Supreme Court, who will serve there for life – and a woman herself – does not know what a woman is. Or if she does know, she’s not saying. This eye-bulging confusion apparently has no end-point, as even the world-renowned Johns Hopkins University recently issued a new LGBT-compliant glossary of terms that somehow manages to eliminate “women” entirely from existence! That’s right, for although the word “lesbian” has always meant “women sexually attracted to other women,” today Johns Hopkins has re-defined “lesbian” to mean – believe it or not – “a non-man attracted to non-men.”

Women are now “non-men,” mothers are now “birthing people,” and breastfeeding has been re-named “chest-feeding” – to accommodate all those menstruating, pregnant and birthing men out there.

In the final analysis, everything described here clearly falls under what the Apostle Paul famously warned about in Romans 1: When people stubbornly rebel against God and wallow in their pride, hatred, ever-growing madness and sexual immorality long enough, and show no interest in repenting, God eventually says OK, and “gives them over” to their own dark desires and delusions, as they “invent new ways of doing evil.” And their society ends up looking a lot like today’s pagan American culture.

If there is any positive side to all of this, it is that America still – miraculously – is also filled with millions of good people who, though horrified by what they see happening all around them, and to them, manage to hang onto their sanity, dignity, morals and love of God and neighbor. They know they’re called to walk with God in all things. And they strive in whatever ways are open to them to fight back, to stand tall, to speak out in hopes of one day restoring the nation they love.

But they also remember that historically – long before today’s mass hysteria, wild paganism, growing satanism, government high corruption and rampant “mental illness” – there has always been cruelty, barbarism and madness of one sort or another in this world. They likewise realize, just as their forbears who lived through previous eras of persecution came to realize, that these tribulations, terrible as they are, can be – indeed, are intended by the Creator to serve as – the grist, the catalyst, the “refiner’s fire” that mysteriously serves to help noble souls grow, thrive and walk even closer with their God.

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