Why aren't the Dems shouting their biggest talking point?

Listening to all the Democratic Party rhetoric, have you noticed that they aren’t even mentioning what should be their biggest talking point today?

Seven years ago, liberals repeatedly mentioned Russian collusion to defame President Trump, trying to throw doubt on the validity of the 2016 election. Even though the news media blew this horn for years, and the Washington Post won a Pulitzer Prize for writing articles about it, after thorough investigation of this event, it has been proven to be … a bald-face lie, with fines being sought against some of the lying liberals involved in the hoax. So obviously, Democrats today, and their liberal media, can no longer make Russian collusion their biggest talking point.

Next Democrat Nancy Pelosi led the Ukrainian quid pro quo narrative concerning a telephone call President Trump had with the Ukrainian president. On the call, Trump merely suggested that Ukraine needed some reform and investigation into political corruption before receiving U.S. aid. Reducing political corruption would seem to be a good thing, but the Democrats’ insanely leftist majority in the House of Representatives pushed through their articles of impeachment. These articles were defeated in the U.S. Senate as President Trump was acquitted of the accusations, because there was nothing wrong with his conversation with the Ukrainian president. In case you are wondering, “acquitted” means “not guilty.” So, once again this Democratic talking point was found to be a bald-face lie. So, obviously, this cannot be their biggest talking point today.

It is interesting that the third-hand-knowledge “whistleblower” in the impeachment is being accused of making profits off the Ukraine war with defense contracts, so I guess he had a vested interest when President Trump threatened to withhold Ukrainian finances.

It should be noted here that Joseph Robinette Biden when serving as vice president told the then-president of Ukraine that he was going to withhold a billion dollars in U.S. aid, if the Ukrainian government did not fire the prosecutor that was investigating the corrupt dealings of Hunter Biden in Ukrainian businesses and politics, and this is on tape. Even CNN’s Chris Cuomo admits Biden “absolutely” engaged in quid pro quo with Ukraine. Even President Zelensky sought a probe into this incident, but since this involves the Biden crime family, obviously there is nothing of interest here, so please move along.

Then who can forget January 6th, the day flaming liberals say was worse than 9/11. How many times have we had to hear over and over again that President Trump “incited an insurrection” at the Capitol when he expressed his constitutionally protected right to declare that the 2020 election was not free and fair and should be investigated, and then told the people to let their “voices be known” in “peaceful protest.” Now of course this portion of President Trump’s speech was omitted by the Pelosi-selected, leftist-skewed January 6th committee, since it did not fit their narrative – and this is even confirmed by the “fact checkers.” So, the fact checkers got one right.

Even with all the lies and distortions, President Trump was acquitted of wrongdoing, which, again, means “not guilty.” Watching the videotapes from the incident, played on the Tucker Carlson’s show, you can clearly see that the majority of the people were peacefully walking through their Capitol, as if on a tour, after being let into the building by the Capitol Police. The reason that this is now not the Democrats’ biggest talking point is that this so-called “insurrection” was a bald-face lie, and a major setup for Trump supporters, who are still being persecuted, unlike the nearly zero arrests from the over 500 riots of the 2020 “summer of love” where $2 billion in property damage was done, policemen were injured and killed, and businesses were robbed and destroyed in Democrat-controlled cities.

So, with these three major talking points being … bald-face lies, what major leftist talking point are Democrats and the liberal media ignoring? After tallying all the votes of the 2020 election, President Trump obtained more than 10 million votes beyond that which he obtained in 2016, which he used to win the electoral vote and defeated and demoralize Hillary Clinton. This total of 74 million votes in 2020 was more votes that any incumbent president has ever won in history. However, Joe Biden went on to defeat Trump by winning 7 million more votes than the president, and Joe Biden actually won more votes than any president in U.S. history.

Trying to determine how many people were registered to vote in the 2020 election is just about as hard as trying to determine how much money we have sent to Ukraine. One of the “fact checkers” actually said, “While we may not know the exact number of registered voters on Election Day, we know it was far more than 133 million in 2020.” Wow! With that fact check, I felt so reassured that the 2020 election was “the most secure election in history,” as the socialists have told us over and over and over again, following the Nazi (National Socialist Party) Hitler manifesto: “Tell a lie, tell a big enough lie, tell it over and over again, and people will believe it.” Of course this is independent of the thousands of sworn affidavits stating voting irregularities, no signature verification, no voter ID, unfolded mail-in ballots that all look the same, etc.

Regardless of this, Joe Biden is doing exactly what he said he would do when running for office. He is destroying the U.S. oil industry, destroying U.S. energy independence, destroying the U.S. auto industry, destroying the U.S. economy, pushing transgenderism on our youth and destroying world stability – and yet he got more votes than any president in history? If this is true, why isn’t this the biggest talking point of the Democratic Party and the liberal media? Could it be that the reason Democrats aren’t talking about Biden winning more votes than any president in U.S. history is because this also is a bald-face lie, and even they don’t believe that anyone is stupid enough to believe that one?

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