Why corporations are getting woke and going green

Are corporations seeing a future many of us don’t quite see yet? A future where they have to fall in line and back the “correct” social and environmental issues in order to curry favor with those who really run the world economy – the World Economic Forum (WEF)?

Is it why some 200 top corporate CEOs met in 2019? They came together, as written in Forbes, in what’s called the “Business Roundtable” to “redefine the purpose of a corporation and show the power and importance of business.”

This redefinition included the following aspirations:

  • “Instead of focusing solely on profits, modern companies should invest in their employees, customers and social issues. …”
  • “More Americans depend on businesses to take a stand and make a difference on important issues instead of the government.”
  • “… could be the starting point for business groups leading social change.”

I, and I’m sure millions of other Americans, would beg to differ. We would prefer that the corporations we patronize simply provide us with the best products and services our hard-earned money can buy – and leave the politics to the politicians.

In other words, as Laura Ingraham once said addressing LeBron James and Kevin Durant: “Keep the political commentary to yourself, or as someone once said, shut up and dribble.”

But of course they didn’t – not by a long shot. LeBron and others ramped up the wokism (if that’s even a word). And now that same social justice nonsense has bled into the business community.

On its face, it makes no sense. After all, as Michael Jordan was reported to have said in ’90s, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.”

Jordan actually said at the time that, “he wasn’t into politics, he explained, didn’t really know the issues. And, as he later told a friend, ‘Republicans buy shoes, too.'” Jordan claimed he said it in jest, but didn’t deny saying it.

How refreshing. An athlete, or frankly any powerful influencer, admitting that he “didn’t know the issues,” so felt it wasn’t proper to comment. My how things have changed.

And for a long time, corporations felt the same way. Sure, maybe they might stick a toe in the water and “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,” but that was about it.

Now corporations have gone full woke. Why?

Well, in my opinion, it is because they see the coming of the ESG era, the dawn of the corporate “Environmental, Social, Governance” rating. And it all goes back to the WEF, the U.N.’s Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset.

It is said that when virtually anything untoward is perpetrated, all one has to do to find the genesis of any plot, plan, motivation, etc., is “follow the money.” Whether it’s personal, business or political wrongdoing, just follow the money.

This, I believe, is why many corporations are going woke – why they seem to care more about global warming and social justice issues than their own customers.

The WEF Great Reset involves the steering of potentially trillions of dollars in investment into the world’s most woke corporations. Yes, just as governments have done, the WEF, through ESG scoring, will pick winners and losers. Corporations that promote social justice and environmental causes will be the winners of the huge WEF pool of cash.

No longer will these “investors” look at a company’s growth, profit and loss. Instead they will pick winners based on a corporation’s carbon foot print, green “sustainability,” and whether and how much they’ve given to radical leftist social justice warrior groups.

The WEF is a cabal of the world’s richest individuals. But this syndicate also includes over 100 of the world’s largest banks and investment houses, under the umbrella of the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF).

Mark Carney, a consultant for the PCAF and former Bank of England governor, stated last year:

“To achieve net zero [emissions] we need a whole economy transition – every company, every bank, every insurer and investor will have to adjust their business models, develop credible plans for the transition and implement them. For financial firms, that means reviewing more than the emissions generated by their own business activity. They must measure and report the emissions generated by the companies they invest in and lend to. PCAF’s work to standardise the approach to measuring financed emissions is an important step to ensuring that every financial decision takes climate change into account.”

In other words, the saying, “get woke, go broke,” may be dead wrong, particularly regarding the green agenda.

It seems more likely that corporations will begin to find it impossible to survive, attract investors, and obtain loans and working capital, without selling their souls to the woke green overlords.

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