Why I watched the 'Mean Girls' movie

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I watched the “Mean Girls” movie.

Why’d I do it? Hopefully, to help you as a parent, grandparent or youth pastor continue to make a contribution to rescue this upcoming generation from Hollywood’s seductive influences harming our youth. This movie follows “Anyone But You,” a “romantic comedy” aimed at millennials centered on fornication, a lesbian “wedding,” nudity, a tsunami of profanity and mockery of whatever is left of the sanctity of marriage.

“Hey Mom/Dad, OK if I go see the hot new musical everyone’s seeing? My boyfriend asked me to go see ‘Mean Girls.’ It’s PG-13! Remember the first one from years ago? It’s a lotta’ fun with lessons to learn about bullying. Please! Pretty please!”

Clueless and compliant Dad/Mom: “Sure, why not?”

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Not so fast! If you think this remake of the 2004 Lindsay Lohan cult classic that was spun off as a Broadway musical (produced by “Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels) is simply harmless fun, you need to give a listen. I went to preview the film and it’s gone the same way SNL has gone – from creative comedy to perverse parody. Decency and morality have gotten the heave ho and been delivered to the dumpster!

Toxic for Teens
This film is dangerous for your easily influenced, often peer-dependent and naïve young people. Because there happens to be a somewhat “socially redeemable element” shouldn’t obscure the avalanche of sexually provocative and foul-mouthed language assaulting the senses from start to finish. Don’t be misled by reviews promoting it as “entertaining” and “family fare.”

One of my roles as a Christian journalist and cultural commentator is that of a watchman. In Ezekiel chapter 3, he sat silently engaged in observation and reflection in order to survey the scene and address things responsibly. We parents and grandparents should regularly emulate this prophetic leader so we stay informed on influences impacting those for whom we are accountable and who need our guidance in an increasing post-Christian America.

10 Fast Facts
The Bible tells us in Romans 12:2 [JB Phillips], “Do not let the world around you squeeze you into its mold.” This movie presents a narrative and overview of high school as something of a pint-size Playboy party where one of the songs, “Sexy,” epitomizes the raunchfest.

Rather than a lengthy movie review, check out my 10 takeaways. Some may push back by saying the flick’s exaggeration was all part of the “hilarious satire,” but that sounds like the single guy rationalizing pornography as a good way to prep for marriage.

1. The central character is a gullible homeschooled girl who is easily led to conform to “cool” classmates who are basically immoral, and she’s easily seduced into seeking acceptance by doing whatever is necessary to fit in with the “in crowd.” Additionally, a teacher is involved with two students (one gay and the other a lesbian) and a mother offers a teen couple (caught in the bedroom) a condom while others are offered alcohol by the “cool mom.”

2. The high school cast of characters consists of sex seekers, homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders plus braggadocio gals proud of the sexual notches on their miniskirt and midriff belts (one went “all the way” eleven times!).

3. Almost all of the starlet’s gal friends handle conflict without civility but hostility when a book of gossip surfaces. Girls are regularly labeled in crude terms like “sl–” and “wh—”

4. Pottymouth talk abounds throughout, including references to male and female genitals, clever slurring of more offensive expletives, plus God’s Name is taken in vain at least a dozen times.

5. A girl leads the group by flashing a middle finger and exhorting her classmates to join the fun while an instructor exposes herself in a bra to her class and a “hip” teacher kisses a student passionately.

6. Dating is presented more like mating and a path to popularity and getting guys. The “leader of the pack” leads the girls in dressing provocatively as she is introduced by opening her top to flash cleavage. A guy boasts he can guess girls’ bra sizes if they’ll jump, so a girl willingly obliges.

7. Hating the “queen bee” as a “scum sucking life” is fine.

8. Modesty is out the window, as being “hot” and lusted after by guys who can then be the sexy girl’s latest “crush” is in. At a dance where trans couples float around (guys in dresses and gals in suits), a foolish girl turns around to expose her underpants. Another mom excitedly snaps a picture of her daughter dressed for a Halloween party in scantily clad attire.

9. The mother of the homeschooler is a people-pleaser who, soon after damage is done, encourages her daughter to just stay the course instead of “flee from evil” (2 Tim. 2:22).

10. One girl comes out as lesbian; a trans guy goes into the girl’s bathroom and ponders female names; safe sex options are listed on the screen for the class; and, “being horny” is celebrated in an atmosphere where it’s obvious there’s no moral code.

Here’s the deal: Is this the kind of moral formation and “entertainment” you want for your son/daughter and grandson/granddaughter? The Book of Proverbs was written to give practical direction for our youth and tells us, “He who walks with the wise will be wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm” (Prv.13:20). Young people don’t need to watch sinful conduct but rather be taught the consequences!

God tells us His design is not mean girls but clean girls who shine as lights in the darkness! “Our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace” (Ps. 144:12).

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