Why is Derek Chauvin in prison and Lila Morris is not?

Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin and D.C. Metro Police Officer Lila Morris each encountered a likely lawbreaker of another race in distress. One attempted to arrest the lawbreaker as peacefully as possible. The other beat the distressed person savagely with a stick.

The one officer became a national pariah and is likely to spend the next 20 or so years in prison. The other officer is unknown to the major media and has not even been reprimanded. Those who insist that America is laboring under a two-tier justice system need no other example to prove their case.

Morris, the D.C. officer, is black. Her victim’s name is Roseanne Boyland. She was white. Should race matter in this case? Why not? It certainly did in Chauvin’s. Had George Floyd been white, Chauvin would likely still be a Minneapolis cop.

Unlike George Floyd, Chauvin’s “victim,” Boyland did not have a lengthy criminal rap sheet. In fact, the 34-year-old Georgian had no rap sheet at all. Unlike Floyd, Boyland was not desperately high on illegal drugs when she encountered the police, in Boyland’s case when she attempted to enter the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Nonetheless, the same D.C. Medical Examiner office that intervened in Floyd’s case to insist that his massive fentanyl and meth consumption did not factor in his death insisted that Boyland’s prescribed Adderall use was the cause of her death, a judgment that outraged Boyland’s family.

Boyland found herself trapped in the West Terrace tunnel entrance to the U.S. Capitol. When the police gassed the protesters, Boyland appears to have been trampled by those fleeing.

Recognizing her distress, several of the protesters attempted to aid her, but Morris had other ideas. As videos by the Epoch Times clearly show, Morris picked up a long stick lying in the tunnel and struck Boyland savagely three times. She attempted to strike her a fourth time, but the stick mercifully flew out of her hand.

The video evidence of Morris striking the unconscious Boyland is undeniable. The sound of the stick hitting Boyland is equally undeniable. Undeniable too is that the major media have yet to acknowledge Morris’ action, let alone question it. In its lengthy report on Boyland’s death, the New York Times does not mention the beating.

In the Times article, updated on May 31, 2021, the word “Adderall” has been memory-holed. At that time, the cause of death was listed as “pending.” The Times, however, did have access to the relevant video footage and described the action in considerable detail, including the protesters’ use of CPR in their attempt to revive Boyland, but somehow her beating at the hands of law enforcement escaped the attention of its editors.

Boyland was the first of two white women to die at the hands of black police officers on Jan. 6. Shortly after Boyland’s death, Lt. Michael Byrd shot and killed the unarmed Ashli Babbitt.

In the Times article on Babbitt’s shooting, the final word is given to Byrd’s lawyer who praised Byrd for his “willingness to remain steadfast in the face of hundreds of violent, extremist, would-be insurrectionists intent on thwarting Congress from performing its constitutional duty.”

To be fair, the media are not protecting Morris and Byrd because of their race. They are protecting Morris and Byrd to preserve the media narrative of a lethal, Trump-led insurrection.

Four people died on Capitol grounds Jan. 6. All were protesters. It is possible that all four were killed as a direct result of police action. Ashli Babbitt certainly was. And if Officer Morris did not kill Boyland, there should at least be some repercussion for beating a person already unconscious.

Derek Chauvin did nothing remotely as evil as that. In truth, he did nothing evil at all.

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