Why is Putin so unpopular in Ukraine? Terror Famine of 1932-1933

It’s surprising that we’re not hearing more about this.

I know it happened a long time ago, though less than a century.

I’m sure it’s on the minds of everyone in Ukraine now – maybe causing flashbacks for some survivors.

I’m talking about the dreaded Terror Famine of 1932-1933 – a genocidal nightmare brought to Kiev.

No wonder the Ukrainians are not accepting being a part of Russia, again.

Early estimates of the genocide’s death toll were as high as 10 million, with over 6 million birth defects.

No one really knows. Later figures suggest around 4 million deaths.

It was totally the idea of Soviet leader Josef Stalin – a man-made, deliberate famine. No outside aid, full confiscation of household food and restrictions on population movement. It was a total lockdown.

The Terror took place in peacetime – in the breadbasket of the nation, or bread casket. It’s been recognized as a genocidal event since 2006.

Stalin ordered the Terror Famine as a way to eliminate a Ukrainian independence movement. And it was meant to enforce Soviet “industrialization.”

It was called “the Holodomor” – the Terror Famine. A catastrophe of unspeakable proportions.

Urban workers had a rationing system. But rations were often cut. To add insult to starvation, agitprop movies depicted the peasants as counterrevolutionaries who hid grain and potatoes at a time when workers, who were constructing the “bright future” of socialism, were starving. There were outbreaks of typhus and malaria.

When the trains ran through Kiev, tearful parents would try to place their children onboard for any destination – it had to be better, they hoped. Widespread cannibalism was documented. The good died first. Those who refused to steal or prostitute themselves died. More than 2,500 were convicted of cannibalism.

Collectivization was the order of the day. The price of non-compliance – being shot. Blacklisting was another tool.

Stalin had quoted Vladimir Lenin during the famine, declaring: “He who does not work, neither shall he eat.” But the Soviet Union long denied that the famine had taken place.

I tell you this story because it shows you what people are capable of – monstrous deeds.

This was one for the books.

Is Putin capable of such a horror? Of course he is. He was part of the KGB. For decades he has striven to bring back the USSR. It was his idea to try and force the people of Ukraine back to old mother Russia, his own fantasy.

The resistance forces in Ukraine are performing miraculously. They are sacrificing their lives for their country. Now you know why. They are honorable people. It makes my heart glad to see that Ukrainians are NOT being sheep.

Many more crimes like Stalin’s famine have not been detailed or chronicled – ever!

But the proud people of Ukraine will never forget it.

This happened in 1933 – and it took years to uncover the horrors.

When Russia first assaulted the Ukraine in 2014, Barack Obama, the great humanitarian, sent Ukrainians blankets. The second time he attacked them, Joe Biden, the man who had taken bribes from Ukraine, diddled, waffled and did virtually nothing. He’s still spending weekends in Delaware. Who knows who’s in charge?

With Russia reaching Ukraine’s second-largest city and Putin placing his nuclear forces on high alerts, it’s the European Union that is stepping up. President Zelensky signed a request to join the EU immediately.

Meanwhile, the European Union plans to close its airspace to Russian airlines and fund a weapons purchase to assist Ukraine.


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