Why is the government inviting a repeat of 9/11?

Twenty years ago as an unpublished writer, I managed to acquire a literary agent, a lovely woman in New York who liked my writing. As a gesture of appreciation, on Monday, Sept. 10, 2001, I sent her a box via FedEx with some farm produce. As exotic and glittering as New York seemed to a rural housewife like me, this woman in New York thought the notion of being able to grow or raise one’s own food was just as enchanting, and I wanted her to share some of our garden’s bounty.

The “overnight” box did not arrive the next day; for on the following morning, her world exploded.

At the time we were living in a tiny house on four acres in rural southwest Oregon. Our girls were 3 and 5 years old. We had plans to move and were tentatively exploring West Virginia.

On that bright, beautiful, grim morning, my husband was still sleeping, having returned late from a business trip. I watched as the second plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Then I went into the bedroom and gently shook him.

“I’m sorry to wake you,” I said, “but we’re being attacked.”

He jumped awake. “Who’s being attacked?”

We are. The United States.”

He scrambled out of bed, and together we watched the events of that horrible day unfold. We scrapped any plans to move east – “Closer to the insanity,” as my husband put it – and ultimately ended up in Idaho.

My agent finally emailed a week after 9/11 to let me know she was OK, to thank me for the box of produce, which finally arrived, and to inform me she had decided to quit her job to become a full-time mom to her boys … a decision I wholeheartedly understood and supported. I lost an agent, but she gained a life.

In the wake of that horrible day, there are many who pledged never to forget. But we have. We are.

From a psychological standpoint, it is necessary and important to “forget” grief with the passage of time. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one would not wish to bear the fresh agony day after day, year after year, without the merciful blunting of anguish that comes with distance.

But unlike the pain of losing a loved one, where eventually the agony of loss is replaced with loving memories of their virtues, America is forgetting the pain of 9/11 and replacing it with something far worse. We are inviting a repeat of the trauma. It’s why Donald Trump anticipates another 9/11-style attack will happen to America.

You see, the world changed on that date 20 years ago. The collective blinders were ripped off. We saw evil manifested here on our shores. We could no longer claim it only happens “over there” to “someone else.”

Contrary to the “We will never forget” platitude, our government desperately wants us forget. They’re working very hard to bury the national pain and agony of that day. Washington actively negates 9/11 by doing everything it can – willfully, treacherously – to make sure it will happen again. Can anyone please explain to me WHY?

It has also become apparent since 2001 as to who the true enemy is. “Twenty years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, it’s safe to say they did not herald the defining, all-consuming civilizational struggle we had anticipated,” observes John Daniel Davidson in the Federalist. “The thing we most feared, Islamic terrorism, did not prove to be our worst enemy or the greatest threat to our republic. The real enemy, it turns out, came from within. In the 20 years since the attacks, America’s own totalitarian left has proven to be a far more dangerous and committed enemy of the United States than any distant jihadists, harboring as much hatred for our heritage of freedom and chaotic way of life as Osama bin Laden ever did. … The 9/11 hijackers hated our freedoms, among other things, but the pandemic has revealed that the left hates those freedoms at least as much as the terrorists, and would like very much to stamp them out.”

Mike Nichols with Gen Z Conservative agrees. “We now stand on the other side of 20 years, no longer proud, no longer patriotic and rapidly approaching the time when we are no longer free,” he writes. “We have lost sight of how 9/11 reminded us of the greatness of this nation. In fact, there are people who want to pretend 9/11 did not happen, that it was not an act of terror, that we actually deserved the attacks. In other words, the terrorists have won. … If you do not realize how deeply the hate for America runs among the left, you’re not paying attention.”

One thing has become clear: It has come to the point where we fear our own government just as much as we fear terrorists. Both are actively planning the overthrow of America as we know it. Both are capable of taking away our freedom and independence. Both, for whatever reason, loathe and despise real Americans.

But right now, the only thing keeping us from becoming the next nation to topple and fall into tyranny – the only thing – is the Second Amendment. That’s it. It’s why the government is so desperate to disarm Americans, and paint anyone who is armed as a domestic terrorist. It’s why the Department of Homeland Security can actually claim, with a straight face, that white Americans support the Taliban and are poised to carry out terror attacks at any moment. The logic absolutely defies rationality and belief.

“There’s so little ‘domestic terrorism’ from ‘white extremists’ that the FBI has had to manufacture fake terror plots and fund Satanic ‘neo-nazi terrorist’ death cults in a desperate bid to create the false perception it’s America’s ‘greatest threat,'” notes Chris Menahan on Information Liberation.

You think things are bad now? Wait and see what America will be like on the 25th anniversary of 9/11. Just watch.

Never forget … and stay vigilant.

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