Why Republicans won't remove Biden from office

Permit me to again quote George Kelly from his book on Personal Construct Theory: “Psychological disorder is any personal construction which is used repeatedly in spite of consistent invalidation,” i.e., repeating the same thing, failure after failure is a psychological disorder.

The near uninterrupted record of failed political policies, combined with the advancement of a reprobate and demonic amalgamation of godless, debaucherous behavioral indulgences, has become the political standard of the day. That the day would arrive when we would see the pursuit of lies over truth, evil over godly, and repugnant commonality over dignity and honor is clearly stated in the Christian Bible. (See: 2 Timothy 3:1-7 KJV.) Accordingly, I’m appalled by such wickedness; though I’m not surprised by it.

I do find the belief fatuous that, contrary to all unimpeachable evidence to the contrary, Christendom believes there’s an acceptable difference between political parties. I find same an intolerable non sequitur. Thus the reason I reference George Kelly’s masterful treatise in the opening paragraph.

This brings me to the point I wish to address. I saw an Associated Press headline this morning that read, “After unrelenting summer, Biden looks to get agenda on track.” Exactly what agenda is it that Biden must get back on track?

His goal is the transmogrification of America into a government-controlled and government-dependent dystopia, where the life force is used to support a despiteous plexus of self-interested necromancers lording control over the necropolis that was once an admired nation. Exactly what part of that agenda is not on track?

Conversely, what has the Republican Party done to deserve support and loyalty? Admittedly, party leaders clumsily pretended to support President Trump even as they betrayed him. They correctly calculated the nepenthe ingested by those raised on Fox News and now Newsmax and their receptivity to every sound bite and calculated talking point spewed.

With skill that would be envied by the late behaviorist psychologist Burrhus Frederic Skinner, the Republican Party has turned the idea of patriotism into a theology where talk without production is applauded.

My goodness, people! What more must they do to prove they stand for nothing that is of substance to us. They throw out a bone about overturning abortion and then rake in the cash along with the various pretend-to-be conservative front groups. Whatever will make their cash registers ca-ching is what they use as a hot-topic cash cow.

Why do you think there’s been no effort on the part of the GOP to remove Biden from office? Biden is the poster person for the legal phrase non compos mentis, i.e., not capable mentally and not of a sound mind.

What else must Biden do to prove his mental deficiency? Does he have to collapse at the podium during a press conference? Oh! Wait! He’s already done that. Maybe if he decided to publicly micturate during an interview. Oh! Wait! He does the equivalent of that every time he opens his mouth. In fact he added the voluntary act of encopresis on the military and their families when he, like Obama, before him abandoned American military to be murdered by the sub-humans only marginally less palatable than himself.

Republicans won’t lift a finger to have Biden removed from office because he is cash cow for their fundraising. They’re using Biden to raise literally hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars that will never be used to the benefit of America and/or the public they claim to represent.

Despite the repeated inaction, broken promises and their betrayal of President Trump, these pernicious silver-tongued calumniators have developed a system where actions and outcomes are inconsequential. The only thing that matters is that they utter good sound bites and make the right promises, the fact they have no intention of keeping them notwithstanding.

If Christendom spent the amount of time preaching Christ, creating and funding true private Christian schools and true Christ-centered ministries that advance the Word and work of Jesus Christ, juxtaposed to mimicries using the name of Christ as a viscous substance to lubricate the wheels of their flim-flam Ponzi schemes, lives would actually be changed.

If that were the case, politicians would only be welcomed in the house of the Lord to hear they need Christ and a message that calls them to repentance – not for photo-ops and more lies.

But, what do I know? I’m just a preacher who believes the Word of God and refuses to embrace the Erebusic psychological disorder of believing if we do the same thing, the same way, often enough, we’ll experience a different outcome.

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