Why so much black-on-Asian violence in America?

In broad daylight on April 23, 2021, Yao Pan Ma, 61, an out-of-work Chinese immigrant, was collecting cans in East Harlem in Manhattan, when he was suddenly attacked from behind. At only 114 pounds, Ma was no match for his black attacker, even if he had seen him coming. Security cameras revealed Jarrod Powell, 50, hitting Ma, knocking him to the ground and then repeatedly kicking him in the head, face and neck. Four days later, Powell was arrested as Ma lay in the hospital. Suffering traumatic brain injury, Ma was put into a medically induced coma and placed on life support. Never regaining consciousness, he died eight months later on the last day of the year. In February 2022, charges against Powell were upgraded to murder as a hate crime. No stranger to police, Powell is an ex-con with a record dating back to 1988. With a $3 million cash bond set, society should be safe from him for a while.

On Nov. 22, 2021, a black attacker, later identified as Kevin Douglas – a man with 44 prior arrests – attacked an Asian woman, waiting for a subway train, from behind brutally beating and robbing her.

In 2010, Manhattan established a Hate Crimes Unit (HCU). Currently, 33 anti-Asian hate crime cases are being prosecuted by its district attorney – the most ever since HCU’s establishment.

Nationally, anti-Asian hate crimes have increased by 339%. While this frightening statistic has received some coverage, an aspect of such crimes seemingly avoided by the media is that most of them, as in the two cases above, are dominated by black-on-Asian violence.

A 2008 survey by the San Francisco Police Department determined that 85% of that city’s violent crimes were black-on-Asian.

National statistics for 2018 compiled by the Department of Justice tell us blacks committed more hate crimes against Asians than any other race.

While the black-on-Asian trend existed long before President Donald Trump’s tenure, liberals endeavor to blame him for this by having called COVID-19 the “China virus” or “Kung Flu.”

But this trend raises an interesting question liberals fail to address: Does systemic racism against Asians exist among blacks? The answer is important in considering the credibility of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) claim that systemic white privilege has hampered success among blacks.

Kenny Wu wrote “An Inconvenient Minority: The Attack on Asian American Excellence and the Fight for Meritocracy.” The book explains Asian-Americans have become “an inconvenient minority” for CRT supporters who link the lack of success among blacks to white privilege. Wu points out, despite discrimination at the hands of both whites and blacks, Asian-Americans have flourished in America. Such discrimination continues today, evidenced by Harvard University capping admissions due to such a large pool of Asian-American high achievers. Harvard revealed if all qualified Asian-Americans were admitted, they would comprise 43% of the student body, necessitating a cap.

Xu attributes Asian-American students’ academic success to a number of factors, including an Asian culture that gives rise to “tiger mother” parenting. Unlike Western parenting styles where children’s choices, passions and curiosities are supported, tiger mother parenting takes a tougher approach to preparing children for the future by establishing work habits and high performance standards.

While CRT seeks to enhance opportunities for blacks by playing the guilt card against whites, Asian-Americans do not buy into this argument. They accept the fact they will reap what they sow and therefore recognize hard work is necessary to achieve it. Also of cultural import for Asians is the strong family environment of a two parent home. Asian-Americans recognize meritocracy is earned and not, as CRT would have us believe, a product of white privilege.

As much as liberals would like to ignore it, the inconvenient truth about Asian-Americans is that they have thrived in America. This undermines the credibility of CRT’s claim, if it is to be believed at all, white privilege is the culprit denying blacks success in their own right. Further sinking CRT’s boat is that Asian-American success transcends academia to practically every sector of the business world.

In just about every city where Asian-Americans have settled, they own and operate numerous businesses. One can only wonder whether a reason for so much black-on-Asian violence and hatred then is the jealousy of recognizing the Asian-American minority has met with success over a much shorter period of time relative to their black minority brothers and sisters.

One would think black activists would embrace other minorities to create a unified front against discrimination. Sadly, they do not. In fact, BLM takes a contrary approach. It promotes hatred against a fellow minority – the Jews – which, nationally, is the most targeted religious group for hate crimes, experiencing a 90% increase in physical attacks in January compared to January 2021.

Louisville experienced such an incident on Feb. 14 when a BLM activist fired his weapon several times at a Jewish mayoral Democratic candidate, fortunately missing. (Ironically, the shooter had published a 2019 anti-gun article proclaiming “your life doesn’t matter to gun-loving Republicans.”) As BLM paid the shooter’s bond, he outrageously is now back out on the streets.

The most recent data, broken down by race, concerning children under 18 raised in single-parent homes, while not proof positive, supports the importance of providing a solid family structure to put children on the road to success. In 2019, 64% of all black children grew up in single-parent homes compared to 24% white and only 15% Asian-American children. It would appear the “tiger mom” concept is a major contributor to their children’s success.

It would come as no surprise, in analyzing the two above attacks of Asian victims, to learn both attackers were raised in single-parent homes, putting them behind the eight ball in life before they could even get started. While Douglas’ motive was clearly robbery, we will never know what triggered Powell to launch his brutal, unprovoked attack against Ma. However, jealousy at the sight of a competing minority income earner could well have been a factor.

It is time our politicians stop finger pointing and face the reality of what causes racial hatred. A good place to start would be rejecting CRT’s white privilege ruse as the likely cause.

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