Why the federal government has failed so spectacularly

First, my apologies in advance, if you think America’s federal government has been a rousing success. It could have been – in fact it should have been the most successful government in world history.

The federal government, you see, was never built to be a government “of all the people.” It was built to be a single representative of America to the rest of the nations of the earth. It’s functions were essentially diplomacy (a single representative for another nation to deal with, rather than one from each state) and in the event diplomacy failed, FedGov would be responsible for raising an army for national defense (if one or more of the states were attacked by a foreign power). A major part of its existence was to present a single voice representing the states on international trade and tariffs. The fact that FedZilla’s only source of income was from tariffs that it negotiated on traded goods is very telling about its intended purpose.

As far as a federal court system, all that existed was the United States Supreme Court. It was given two responsibilities: Hear and resolve disputes between the various states (Texas, anyone?) and adjudicate disputes between foreign nations and the United States. District courts? None. Appeals courts? None. Why would they exist? Crime and punishment was a matter for the individual states to handle.

Even a simple reading of the United States Constitution will show you that through our history some very evil people worked very hard to bastardize FedZilla from its earliest existence. Perhaps that’s why Benjamin Franklin responded as he did to a questioner after the Constitution was signed, as to the form of government. “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Everything that humans construct has limits. When a bridge is built it is designed to safely handle a certain amount of traffic, presenting a certain amount of weight. Once you exceed that amount of traffic and weight, that bridge becomes unsafe. No one knows when it will fail, but everyone knows it will eventually fail. Ditto for oil and gas pipelines, river dams and rocket ships to Mars.

So our existing federal government was shaped by the people we elected, over time, to serve in Congress. They wasted no time in bastardizing FedGov into FedZilla and then using it to destroy the republic that Franklin cautioned us about losing.

Originally, there was no Department of Justice, because there were no federal laws for people to break. Crime was dealt with in the state in which it occurred.

Thee was no Federal Bureau of Investigation, because there were no federal laws, the breaking of which needed to be investigated.

Most importantly for those accused of crimes, there was no double jeopardy; you could not be found innocent at the state level and then tried again for the same offense by FedZilla. In fact, federal code today insures double jeopardy: Anyone may face federal charges if they are acquitted of a state crime. That’s good for the prison industry, good for the legal industry, and it’s a great tool of extortion for corrupt officeholders against their political enemies.

There were not 17 intelligence agencies battling each other for federal dollars to help them spy on the American people, or plant “evidence” on political candidates the agency did not want in office.

We had a military to protect the states from invasion. As defense became more complex, and FedZilla got richer, we got a standing military, which is fully capable of gathering intelligence about our potential enemies. In fact, I rather like the idea of replacing our State Department with our original War Department. The exchange of business cards by such dignitaries would provide a subtle reminder of the value of peace with America.

Most all of the evil that has ensnared us as Americans and reared its ugly head now has happened to us because 1) we have forgotten God, and 2) the income tax and the federal reserve gave dishonest politicians a blank check they could write today, cash tomorrow and use to tout their reelection next term, while they handed the actual funding off onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. It’s all good, though: The system insures that government bonds will be a safe and secure investment for America’s wealthy families.

Thus, if FedZilla is to be reformed and America saved, 1) God needs to be restored back into governmental through the election and appointment of God-fearing people to direct our civil life, and 2) FedZilla needs to be starved until it is shrunk down to where it can only accomplish its constitutional mission, and the rest falls away. This presupposes that America can again become One Nation Under God – who makes clear in His Word that “I am God, there is no other.”

The alternative is human slavery, which is what America’s elitists and tech overlords have in mind for each and every one of us. They will be all-powerful, all-knowing and bow their knee to Satan, alone.

If we as ordinary people want a different world, God is holding it out on offer, but we need to accept it and trust Him for our help right now. This is not something we can do by ourselves. God’s history as recorded in the Bible indicates that He is fully up to the task of implementing what He is offering, but we have to want it and ask Him for it. This “asking” is not something we can delegate to others.

As the Bible reminds us, “Choose this day whom you will serve.”

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