Why Tucker Carlson UNLEASHED is a big deal

For those of you who didn’t see or hear about Tucker Carlson’s program last Tuesday night, let me tell you, it was special – and that is an understatement.

I characterized him as “UNLEASHED” because it represented the pinnacle of Tucker’s metamorphosis from someone who did not readily talk about what President Donald Trump refers to as “The Big Steal.” But he cited some statistical anomalies from the 2020 presidential election that were shocking. I first looked at them right after the vote. I couldn’t believe it.

I’ll let Tucker tell you what that was:

“In federal courtrooms, the January 6 defendants are being sentenced because they are not exactly sure how it is that Joe Biden got 15 million vote more than than Barack Obama. Barack Obama – the rock star who was president! And yet Joe Biden, his vice president, was so stupid that Obama couldn’t stand to stay in the same room with him. He got more votes than he got? How did that work?”

Indeed. This is what puzzled me. Didn’t it bother anyone else?

I knew the election was rigged. How could Joe Biden have received the highest vote count, by far, of any and all American presidents? It bothered me so much that I attended the January 6 rally for President Trump in Washington myself. There were about 1 million people there – maybe more.

So why is this now a big deal? As the editor of WND, I can tell you. Google has permanently demonetized WND for, among other things, reporting on the 2020 election. They called us “election deniers,” which is virtually a capital offense in a nation that has had for centuries the First Amendment embedded in its Constitution – otherwise known as the “First Freedom.” Today, it’s null and void.

To me the final vote count told the story. Somehow, inexplicable, Joe Biden got 81,268,924 votes to Trump’s 74,216,154. Both were records. So, Trump got an unprecedented number of votes – the most by any sitting president who didn’t cheat.

Then, to prove that Biden was uncomfortable with whole thing, he started an unprecedented effort at repression against his enemies – at least half of Americans.

His attorney general, Merrick Garland, became his enforcer – even threatening parents for criticizing local school boards. He has overseen the incarceration of more than 100 participants in January 6 affair.

Garland also raided the home of Trump for what remains a mystery.

Biden, meanwhile, created a Department of Homeland Security Disinformation Governance Board – a first for the U.S., which was dubbed “The Ministry of Truth.”

No president has done more in two years to have a “chilling effect” on the people – especially Republicans.

But nobody has it rougher than the January 6 “insurrectionists,” as Tucker explained.

“Joe Biden’s Justice Department is imprisoning people for having the wrong thoughts, thoughts that we all imagine were constitutionally protected, as all thoughts are, but don’t take our word for it,” he said. “You can read the court filings in January 6 cases over the past year and a half, and in virtually every instance, federal prosecutors argue in public that the political views of the defendants, not anything they actually did, not crimes they committed, but instead their personal beliefs, what they think, those beliefs are reason enough to put them behind bars.”

Then he cited some specifics.

“According to Joe Biden’s DOJ, for example, Army veteran Jessica Watkins needed to be detained indefinitely because she had, ‘extremist and violent views regarding how to address what she believed to be a fraudulent election.’ Oh, she was an extremist? It’s a term they never explain, but that apparently is now a crime. So, we decide what extremist means and then we put you in jail for being one. That’s how that works.

“UCLA student Christian Secor, that was the guy who sat in Mike Pence’s chair on January 6, is now in prison, and he should be in prison, explained the Biden administration’s lawyers, because he had ‘extremist beliefs’ and a ‘history of adhering to extremist ideology.’ Really? Again, you decide what extremist is and then put me in prison for being one. In the case of Robert Morss, that was the guy who was busted in possession of a Lego set of the Capitol, the DOJ put it this way: ‘It is difficult to fathom a more serious danger to the community’ than someone who tried to ‘abort the certification of a lawful and fair election.’ It’s the one kind of abortion they don’t favor, the aborting of a fair and free election.”

Tucker continued: “In every case, though, the defendant’s real crime was not aborting an election. No. The real crime, and the DOJ says it right in the filings, is denying the outcome of the election. It was believing the wrong thing. It was not believing that a senile man who refused to leave his basement during the campaign somehow got more votes than any president in American history. If you refuse to believe that, you’re now a felon. Question the system, and they haul you away. Those are the rules now as hundreds of imprisoned Republicans can personally testify if they could speak. The legal precedent has been established.”

You think it’s not a big deal that we have a gutsy newsman on a major network talking like this?

It is. It’s a real big deal.

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