Why using the 25th Amendment to oust Joe is a bad idea

The drumbeat has begun. What drumbeat would that be? The 25th Amendment drumbeat.

For those unfamiliar and don’t have a pocket Constitution (shame on you), here’s the gist of the 25th Amendment.

Without getting into the minutia, if the president resigns or kicks the bucket, the vice president becomes president. Same goes for a case where the president decides, or it’s decided for him, that he can’t do the job. It’s more complicated than that, but that’s the gist.

As Biden continues to slip away cognitively, many on the right have been hinting that the 25th Amendment may have to be invoked, and sooner than later. At first the left just sloughed it off as sour grapes. But with it becoming painfully and publicly obvious that Biden appears to be fading fast, the left is also beginning to come around.

Well, I disagree. In 2020 these leftists knowingly and willfully saddled up an already diminished horse, so now they can ride old glue pot into 2024. Too bad for them.

And yes, I can hear it already. “But don’t you care about the country? The world is watching – our enemies are watching. And he can’t do the job he was elected to do. Isn’t this exact scenario what the 25th Amendment was crafted to rectify?”

First – yes I care deeply about this country, which is why I voted for the other guy. But even if Biden had retained all his faculties, they never amounted to much anyway. He’s never done the job he was elected to do, at any level. Look back at his centuries of “public service” (that’s a laugh), and you’ll see he’s always been the dumbest guy in the room. He’s never been right about anything – foreign policy or domestic. Literally never!

Second – yep, the world is watching and witnessing what a joke America has become. Oh sure, outwardly they all mocked us as unserious when we elected Donald Trump. But under the surface, they feared him. They do not fear Joe. They didn’t all respect Trump, particularly the worldwide elites. But thanks to the left’s propaganda wing, the mainstream media, it was presented, like they did of Ronald Reagan, that Trump was just crazy enough to start another world war, or some such thing.

Ironic, I know, because as much as they like to portray conservatives/Republicans as warmongering right-wing extremists, it’s the Dems who have pushed America into most wars. And they’re doing their level best to drag us into another now.

However, being feared isn’t a bad thing. The last president the left did this to, Reagan, they called a reckless cowboy they thought sure would get us into a nuclear war with the Soviets. Of course, as always, the left was wrong, and of course, Joe Biden was one of them.

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The leftist loons think and say the same of Trump as they did Reagan. But of course, both times the left was as wrong as they could be, and America was better for them both.

But now they, and we, are stuck with the old crook. But look at it this way. It could be worse. If they actually decide to do this, we could get President Harris, or even Pelosi.

And hey, it won’t much matter who ends up in the Oval Office anyway. It’s not like Biden or the other two morons would actually be in charge. The man who’s always been in charge, behind the curtain, is our first black president. And no, I don’t mean Bill Clinton.

So let the left suffer a couple more years with President Vacancy. I enjoy his speeches. They’re comedy gold. I also enjoy the staff, having to constantly attempt to translate what old Joe was last mumbling.

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