Why we need a clear look at Biden's tax returns

Remember all the concern over Donald Trump’s tax returns?

You may not even know how that matter turned out. But, at one time, everyone, including Joe Biden, was demanding them.

In fact, he did so at a particular moment in the presidential debates of 2020. It came when Trump raised the point that Biden had been selling access to the U.S. government to China and other hostile foreign regimes. Trump had him cornered. Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson called it a “political kill-shot.”

Trump knew what he was talking about because he had learned about it from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, which contained all kinds of sordid details.

But Joe Biden, as you may recall, did not even respond except to charge that was “Russian disinformation,” and to go on offense.

“Show us your tax returns,” Biden demanded. “Show us your tax returns.” At the time, Biden’s campaign had a website with his own returns posted, you will recall, because he had “nothing to hide.” Trump had refused to release his tax returns because they were being routinely audited.

“Now, why are we telling you this tonight?” Carlson asked on his show this week. “Why are we dredging up history? Well, we’re doing it because two years later, the roles have reversed in a bewildering and pretty remarkable and kind of hilarious way. So we now have Donald Trump’s tax returns. House Democrats grabbed them. Law and precedent and privacy be damned. Privacy? And they release them to the public because Donald Trump is orange and bad and has no protections under the Bill of Rights.”

And now we’ve seen Trump’s most-wanted tax returns. And what do they reveal?

“Well, they show that Donald Trump got a lot poorer once he got into politics,” Carlson said. “In fact, he may be the only person in Washington you can say that about. Whatever you think of Trump, it turns out he was not in it for the money. Hardly.”

Not so for Joe Biden – not by a long shot!

“Joe Biden has never had a private sector job,” Carlson explained. “For more than 50 years, he has worked at your expense for the U.S. government. Yet somehow he’s gotten rich in the process. How did that happen? How did Joe Biden do that? Well, Joe Biden does not want you to know. So now – this is the great part – Joe Biden is the one who is hiding his tax returns. JoeBiden.com no longer links to Joe Biden’s tax returns for the years 2016 to 2018. As of tonight, those links have been deactivated. If you go there, you will find yourself taken by force to a Democratic Party fundraising website. So in other words, stop asking questions and give us money.”

What has Joe Biden been hiding from 2016 and beyond? No one in the press has been asking. Strange. Because a lot is not known about that time period – stuff that could explain much about the classified documents recently discovered at his homes in Delaware and at the Penn Biden Center.

Starting in 2018, Biden started doing weird stuff – he started building his “crime family.”

That’s when we found out that Hunter Biden claimed that he owned his Dad’s home – the one his father also claimed to own. Hunter, in fact, also listed the house as his primary residence on his driver’s license. This is the very same home where Joe Biden has spent a third of his presidency, in addition to his beach house in Rehoboth, without maintaining any visitor logs.

“Hunter Biden claims he’s paying nearly $50,000 a month in housing costs,” Carlson reports. “Where’d that money come from? You wouldn’t think Hunter Biden would be able to earn that kind of money at the time, this is pre-laptop. But Hunter Biden had already been thrown out of the U.S. Navy for cocaine use. He’d already abandoned a rental car with a crack pipe inside along with his I.D. He had already left his wife for his sister-in-law. Now, all of this was public information. So how did a disgraced drug addict with no job skills make enough money to make a $50,000 a month payment? Who is paying and how much are they paying him, and why were they paying him? And by the way, what classified documents keep appearing in homes that Hunter Biden lived in? Those seem like fair questions.”

Yes, very fair questions.

It seems there’s a lot to be learned from Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell,” still in the possession of the FBI and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Now do you understand why Biden’s tax returns are not available after 2018?

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