Why we'll be in a world of hurt if China attacks Taiwan

U.S. political leaders are obsessed with the war in Ukraine – but it’s of no strategic interest to the United States.

Despite that fact, we are pouring military hardware and billions of dollars into Ukraine at a time we have allowed the killing of more than 100,000 of the youngest Americans with fentanyl and breached our own borders to allow an invasion and occupation by more than 2 million foreigners.

If Joe Biden had been more decisive in Ukraine, our money and treasure would have prevented much of this war.

Meanwhile we have not had any time to prevent a disaster for America in Taiwan – where we have strategic objectives and lives and freedom at stake.

That’s where America has entrusted the “silicon shield” to be built for our needs – and China’s. We thought, foolishly, that we would encourage Taiwan to build 90% of advanced semiconductor chips and 50% of all chips – even though China has been threatening to take them all for its war needs for years.

That would leave the U.S. militarily virtually defenseless since high-tech weapons require mostly advanced chips.

Biden has shown us he has no appreciation for supply chains – even strategic ones. He’s also compromised when it comes to China. He should be indicted, tried and run out of the U.S. for his treachery involving his son, Hunter, the crack addict.

Joe Biden is a fool and a traitor.

He can’t even solve America’s problems with baby formula or gasoline – not to mention the coming worldwide famine.

That’s why he gives incomprehensible answers in open press conferences that have his brainless military advisers speechless.

Since the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine, American defense strategists have pressed Taiwan to upgrade its military defenses. One important task has been to tailor the provision of defensive weapons to the needs of Taiwan’s military – Stingers and Javelins rather than Abrams tanks, Seahawk helicopters and top-flight jet fighters.

But American strategists have overlooked one way to force Taiwan to rely less on its “silicon shield.”

As the globe’s chip factory, Taiwan is the key link in a semiconductor supply chain that spans multiple countries and tens of thousands of miles.

Explains Christopher Vassallo at The National Interest:

“The island derives strategic value from this dominance, in theory, reaping a dual deterrent that both discourages a Chinese assault and, should that fail, secures American protection. Last year, the founder of Taiwan’s premier chipmaker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, called Taiwan’s semiconductor foundries a ‘holy mountain range protecting the country.’ After a war game exercise, analysts at the think tank Center for a New American Security described the ‘silicon shield’ as a ‘defensive masterstroke’ that made the island ‘indispensable to both sides’ of U.S.-China competition.

“The ‘silicon shield’ invites Taiwan to seek security in vulnerability, confident its Western clients will protect it. However, for this dual deterrent to work, Taiwan bets that Beijing cares enough about a steady supply of chips from Taiwan to counteract its parallel conviction that the island [belongs to China].”

If it is wrong, the result is not a dual deterrent but a dual disaster! In such a worst case, Taiwan’s vulnerability triggers both Chinese attack and an American intervention insufficient to protect an island that underinvested in its own defense.

This longtime plan for the “silicon shield” should make U.S. policymakers deeply uncomfortable. China is already working to indigenize semiconductor production. The U.S. is not.

Washington policymakers have a mechanism readily available to help motivate Taiwan’s pivot from reliance on its “silicon shield.” The China competition bill, which should pass at once, would provide $52 billion for the U.S. semiconductor industry. That would be a much more meaningful appropriation than the $40 billion spent on Ukraine recently.

Of course, that would be a forward-thinking and strategic move. That would make sense. But nothing makes sense in Joe Biden’s world.

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