Wicked harridan: A hell-bound Nancy Pelosi

I said it the moment the news broke about politician Nancy Pelosi being barred from taking Communion at the Catholic churches in her hometown of San Francisco. I said she would immediately weep crocodile tears, pretend to be pious and together with her lapdog media go after the archbishop and the Catholic Church as a whole. I also said there would be no shortage of people supporting her manufactured jeremiads. Once again, I was spot on right. (View my Video Rant: “Pelosi Can’t Take Communion: Really?”)

Suffice it to say that Pelosi is a lot of things, and nearly all of them being single syllable assignations, but the last thing she is a genius. She’s foolish enough to think she is above God.

As I predicted, it took no time whatsoever for the New York Daily News to run an article titled: “Pelosi hits back at San Francisco archbishop for banning her from communion over pro-choice stance.”

Dave Goldiner began his piece about the biblically ignorant, autoecious congresswoman saying: “A prayerful Nancy Pelosi Tuesday hit back at the Catholic Archbishop who banned her from receiving Holy Communion over her pro-choice stance. The powerful House Speaker said the Archbishop of her hometown of San Francisco has no business imposing his conservative views on her or the nation’s tens of millions of Roman Catholics.”

I’m not sure whether it’s her lifetime of having hair dyes absorbed into her brain through the scalp or if the facial contortions caused by tardive dyskinesia or the fact that she is just evil through and through, but this woman is, as they say in the street, “a real trip.”

I’m neither a Catholic nor an archbishop, but I am an ordained minister. That archbishop has an obligation before God Almighty to whom he has pledged his life in service to obey the Word of God. I can understand the idea of honoring one’s word is an alien concept to a pernicious cutthroat liar like Pelosi, but that is her problem. It’s not the problem of the church. She has no authority to change the Word of God to fit her own satanic paganism.

Psalm 119:89 (KJV) states: “Forever, O Lord, the word is settled in heaven.” That means the Word of God is immutable, i.e., unchangeable. Pelosi doesn’t get to treat the Word of God the way she and her lucifarian minions treat the Constitution and the laws of We the People. She doesn’t get to change the Word of God to fit her own maniacal purposes. The church is not like Congress, unless I’m missing something about the Catholic Church – this current pope notwithstanding.

I further submit that if Jesus Christ had to obey God, just how does the petulant and repugnant little bête noire think she doesn’t?

Another thing: Pelosi in her pompous, demonic arrogance and abject biblical ignorance apparently doesn’t know the words of Scripture found in the 20th chapter of Leviticus. Once again, as a born again Christian and ordained reverend, I submit that Leviticus 20:1-5 KJV is an absolute directive from the mouth of God to Moses. There’s no variance and no changing. God doesn’t change the meaning of His Holy Word to appease Pelosi or her kind.

At best Pelosi should be glad that man moved into the period of grace we are in since the coming of Christ and until the return of Christ for His own – because, if we weren’t in the age of grace, she would be in line for a good stoning (per verse 2 of the aforementioned passage).

The archbishop of San Francisco is responsible for preservation and faithfulness to the Catholic Church in that area and is specifically appointed to maintain the order, guidance and spiritual compliance to the church. Unlike Pelosi, who lied to get elected and lies to stay in office, the archbishop is called upon to honor and to be obedient to God and the Vatican.

I understand the obedience we’re called to as such. That said, Pelosi should choke on her own words. How dare she decry the chief authority in charge of her home area as not having any business imposing his conservative views on her or the nation’s tens of millions of Roman Catholics?

First of all, as I pointed out above, they aren’t his views; they’re God’s directives. She and her kind violate the Constitution of the United States on some level every day they spend in office. She and her kind violate the God-given natural rights of man at will and without remorse or penalty.

Thanks to the age of grace we now live in, she won’t suffer stoning, but that doesn’t mean she will escape hell. Pelosi would do well to enjoy her dishonest, corrupt, reprobate life now; because the Word of God says: “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27 KJV).

She would do well to hold in mind that Hebrews 10:31 KJV says: “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the of the living God.”

One last thought for the wicked harridan and ardent supporter of the industrialized extermination of children. Every one of the children she is responsible for sanctioning to death will be in heaven. Because unlike her, murdered babies haven’t reached the point of accountability; but such isn’t the case with Pelosi. I can say without the least concern of being wrong – unless she repents and accepts Christ as her Savior – that she is going to hell. She doesn’t get a do-over, and she won’t intimidate God. Let her and her kind laugh now, because their day is coming. She won’t be able to strike a deal with the pope to get out of an eternity in the fiery pit of hell.

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