Will Biden Crime Family ever be held to account?

We’re told the the federal investigation into Hunter Biden has reached a “critical stage.”

But it has become an absolute national embarrassment.

It has been ongoing since 2018.

The New York Post stories about Hunter were summarily censored, spiked and poohed-poohed as “Russian disinformation.” It was one the great humiliations of the “free press” when Big Tech killed the story about the “laptop from hell,” a story that turned out to be all too true.

It’s been surreal.

But this was never really about Hunter Biden. The story was one of the many sagas evidencing the corruption of the Biden Crime Family and the disgrace of Joe Biden.

After four years of crack-cocaine addiction, lies, sex addiction, flagrant worldwide unscrupulous national betrayal and conflicts of interest involving personal enrichment, there has not been a glove laid on anyone – Joe Biden, the de facto president of the United States, his brother, Jim Biden, or his son Hunter.

Instead, the official blacklisters have focused squarely, and unfairly, on Donald J. Trump and his supporters.

Hunter Biden is a joke – a punchline for stand-up comedians.

When is the FBI, the politically rogue attorney general’s office, the intelligence services, the Deep State and the news-twisters of Big Tech going to do the right thing to prevent a national disaster?

The federal investigation into Hunter Biden is still a matter, at this point, of taxes violations and possibly foreign lobbying violations, maybe more. We know nothing of shady dealings with the Chinese Communists, Russian oligarchs and Ukraine businesses, going back to when Joe Biden oversaw those things as vice president.

So far, no charges have been filed – unbelievably, implausibly, dubiously.

The investigation is being conducted by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss. a prosecutor appointed by former President Trump. There’s nothing leaking from Weiss. Maybe that’s a good thing. I pray it is. The U.S. is looking like a laughingstock right now – like a tin-pot dictatorship, or worse.

Fox News first reported in December 2020 that Hunter Biden was a subject/target of a grand jury investigation, according to a well-placed government source. According to the source, a “target” means that there is a “high probability that person committed a crime,” while a “subject” is someone you “don’t know for sure has committed a crime.”

The federal investigation into Hunter Biden was predicated, in part, by Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) regarding suspicious foreign transactions.

Another source familiar with the investigation told Fox News in December 2020 that the SARs were regarding funds from “China and other foreign nations.”

A Treasury Department official, who did not comment on the investigation, spoke broadly about SARs, telling Fox News that SARs are filed by financial institutions “if there is something out of the ordinary about a particular transaction.”

We’ve been waiting for a long time – a very long time – which means there could be a major cover-up.

Democratic apologist Paul Begala said Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that if the U.S. Attorney in Delaware prosecutes Hunter Biden, it would not hurt Democrats.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “Who knows what’s going to happen, right? But assuming that Hunter Biden was charged in August, which is a possibility, with something, could that depress Democratic turnout, you think?”

Begala said, “No. No. I wish the guy well. He struggled with addiction, and, you know, nobody has charged him with anything. But this has been a Republican fixation to no avail. They have got no political gain out of this. I looked up Ron Johnson, the senator from Wisconsin, a couple of months ago, who was asked about mass shootings. … He said, ‘Before we pass anything new on guns, let’s enforce the law we already have. Let’s start with Hunter Biden.’ What the heck? So it’s a challenge for Hunter Biden. I wish him well, but it’s not going to be a political issue.”

We may have to wait until next year when Republican lawmakers open up their own investigation to get to the truth.

Do you believe this?

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