Will Big Tech's latest attack bring down this news site?

For several years, I’ve been explaining patiently and relentlessly to all who would listen how and why BIG TECH poses an existential threat to American freedom – freedom of speech, press, religion, privacy and elections.

In other words, threats to everything America stands for.

As a media business pledged to be “A Free Press for a Free People,” and meaning it, this has really hit home for us.

For almost 25 years, WND has blazed trails in the new media world as the first independent online news site. We were challenged, vilified and made sport of by the state-run media, but it was not until 2016 – and then in 2021 – that the chickens came home to roost.

Recently, we were de-monitized by Google!

It finally happened. It was inevitable.

What happened in those two years? In 2016, it was the Donald Trump campaign. We were for it. Google was against it. In 2021, Virginia happened! The Google party, the Democrats, were repudiated.

Back in normal times, WND regularly showed up among the top of Google News results; now it never does. Even worse are the words it uses to characterize our stories – “dangerous,” “derogatory,” even “shocking content.” These labels are all applied to TRUE stories – all of which have panned out. But few got to read them, because Google made sure its algorithm condemned those stories to the internet’s black hole.

I don’t want reform. I want real justice for those harmed by these companies. What they have done to the American landscape with these tactics is a disgrace!

Here’s a primer on why companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, YouTube and Twitter must be broken up through anti-trust actions, stripped of their inexcusable protections against consumer liability, stopped from invading the privacy of Americans for profit, blocked from using the most intimate personal data to inject extreme bias into the national debate, prohibited from rigging elections and held accountable for the restraint of trade practices against WND.

Furthermore, and most important, they need to be stopped from blocking, banning and blacklisting legitimate political speech, imposing speech codes, enforcing “political correctness” standards in either content or advertising sales or punishing those expressing opinions with which they disagree.

Under no circumstances should these corporations be permitted to engage in political lobbying, soliciting, accepting government contracts or participating in any political activities, operating as they currently do under special government protections against liability claims.

By law they must be ideologically neutral in all they do, since they are not “publishers” but “carriers” of information. But to date, they have been, in effect, scofflaws, renegades, treacherous, an axis of evil.

I don’t expect this U.S. Justice Department to pursue them. But their time is coming.

The actions by the most powerful media organizations in the world clearly defy U.S. law. But their comeuppance will have to we may to wait for the second coming of President Donald Trump, or a fair and square election.

Robert Epstein, a Ph.D. psychologist who focuses on search engine manipulation, warned that Google’s attempts to manipulate public opinion are more terrifying than the Chinese government’s attempts to control its citizens.

“To me, [China’s manipulation] is scary, but people are aware of it,” he told PJ Media. “It’s done openly by the government. I think what is happening elsewhere in the world that’s being driven mostly by Google is much more dangerous, because it’s mostly invisible,” said a prescient Epstein back in 2018. He added, “There’s no transparency; there’s no accountability. It’s a more ambitious kind of surveillance than that of the Chinese government.”

Epstein says he is certain Google employed elements of its ability to change its users’ opinions on whom to vote for in the 2018 midterm election – thus potentially affecting control of the House of Representatives during Trump’s presidency. His research also suggested, before the fact, that it was possible for Google to select the winner of the 2020 presidential election – and without detection.

The 2020 presidential race was one for the books. Joe Biden got 80 million votes – come on, man!

It’s time to stand up to this imminent and existential threat to free speech, the free press, freedom of religion, the right to privacy, American sovereignty, and free and fair elections. And Americans are finally up to the challenge!

But there’s not much time left for WND, the site that once set the records for breaking the mold. I’ll be honest, we are in SURVIVAL MODE. We have less than one-fifteenth of the resources we had in 2016! Why? Because we had the audacity to support Donald Trump. That was our “crime.”

Now Google has de-monetized us. What does this mean? Well, Google controls 80% of the ads online. On top of that, they control the only viable ad-serving software. Figure it out. How does one company achieve that power?

Google has decided it will not allow its ads or any ads using its software to be run on WND. But we’re not giving up!

We’re turning to voluntary, direct financial contributions for our survival.

Fortunately, we began that process some years ago. We are now largely supported by the nonprofit WND News Center.

Our goal is to raise at least $100,000 through the end of the year for the kind of hard-hitting, breathtaking journalism you’ve come to know us for!

Besides helping us reach that financial goal, I ask you to do one more thing for us. PRAY! Pray we’re able to tear down the strongholds we’re now facing. Thank you.

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This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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