Will Christians wake up to the vile Republicans they support?

You’re on the verge of being deceived by Republicans once again, just as they’ve done to We the People since George H.W. Bush (Bush 41).

Bush 41 was a horrible president (and person); thanks to him much of what President Reagan accomplished was undone. Following President Reagan’s presidency, the most mouthed words in the Republican lexicon were “I’m a Reagan Republican.” Many of the worst Republican politicians in history blathered that phrase as if they were repeating the Lord’s Prayer. That included John Boehner, R-Ohio, Eric Cantor, R-Va., and John Kasich, R-Ohio, to name but a few. Boehner and Cantor were instrumental in Obama and Eric Holder slipping the noose of judgment for the illegal gunrunning operation called Fast and Furious.

By these miscreants identifying themselves as “Reagan Republicans,” gullible voters elected them. They were nothing more than officeholders and profiteers, who grew fat feeding on lobbyist money and betraying We the People – and it continued with Bush 43.

He was and is a fraud and liar. He hid the fact that his wife is rabidly pro-choice, which is pro-abortion. He played Christians like a fiddle. How many Christians paid attention to his autobiography, “Decision Point”? Dr. Peter Masters – who followed great men of God such as Dr. John Gill, Dr. John Rippon and Rev. Charles Spurgeon of The Metropolitan Tabernacle Church in London – was paying attention and shared words from the mouths of the Bush family that should make every true Christian repent of having supported him.

Dr. Masters pointed tells of a Bush family gathering with one of the invited guests being a well-known evangelist. Bush 43 related that his father that evening referenced his mother (43’s grandmother) as, “the kindest and most religious person that you could know [who had] said she doesn’t know anything about an experience such as being born again.” The evangelist responded to the question about whether or not she would be in heaven because she hadn’t accepted Christ as her Savior, i.e., had been “born again,” saying that “some people were born Christians and they didn’t need to be born-again.” (See: “Is It The Real Gospel,” Feb. 27, 2011, reference mentioned preceding begins at the 6:37 mark.)

Bush 43 kept us in endless wars. He was a rabid globalist and a disaster as president. Bush 43 lied to the late Paul Weyrich in a face-to-face meeting and by extension others of us mid-summer 2004, when he assured Weyrich and conservatives that he had heard us loud and clear, and that the highway bill would be taken off the desk. (See: “Don’t Be Fooled By Boehner and Republicans Retreat From Amnesty.”) I warned that Cantor and Rep. Pete Sessions were both entrenched Republicans, trying to con We the People by using phony resolutions to ensure Obamacare wasn’t defunded. I alone made it known in the run-up to the 2004 general election that an unimpeachable White House source told me Karl Rove had openly lamented the fact that it was necessary for him to use Christian conservatives to get Bush 43 reelected.

The Republican leadership called the Tea Party groups “racists, xenophobes and stupid.” They accused us of being “intolerant.” Republican leadership betrayed We the People in 2010, after Tea Party candidates won 50% of their senatorial races and won 31.4% of their House races. It was one of the greatest seismic shifts in political fortunes in history. The same people who later sabotaged President Trump – Karl Rove, Reince Priebus and their creatures from the dark swamp of Washington were outraged because We the People vis-à-vis the Tea Party were outside the failed two-party system.

Backstabbing We the People while pretending to be our friends has been massively successful for Republican leadership. I’ve been one of the few voices crying in the wilderness, warning the people of this treachery. One of the ways they silence those such as myself is to permit a few of us into the upper echelons to enjoy a small portion of the fatted calf. But as is the case with all political graft, you’re only welcome as long as you speak as directed and comport yourself as a blind ideologue. That doesn’t work with me.

My Bible tells me not to be envious or desirous of the spoils of the wicked, and the Republican Party is just as wicked as Democrats.

There’s no limit to what President Trump could have accomplished if he hadn’t been forced to fight Paul Ryan, Rove, Priebus, McConnell and an endless phalanx of backstabbing Republicans.

Now these people are savaging the single greatest president in our lifetime and absolutely one of the greatest two or perhaps three of all time. They’re trying to raise money, pretending to have our interests in mind in an effort to take back the Senate and win the House.

That ship has sailed for me. They had a thoroughbred in President Trump who defied all odds to do great things for America and We the People. But, the traitorous GOP leadership didn’t view his accomplishments favorably.

Republicans have enjoined Democrats in the vicious ad hominem attacks against former President Trump because they fear he could return in 2024. Their plan is to destroy him and then tell us who we will vote for. It has worked for them since President Reagan left office.

I’ve been relentless in my warning the people of Republican treachery since 2004. Still people fall for the same tricks every time.

And Christendom has been the most blind. Instead of being wise stewards of God’s provision, we have watched our money pour into Republican coffers without return. I don’t retreat from my position; God will not abide our blindness.

The money Christendom wasted on Republicans has brought us nothing. Has Hillary Clinton been made to pay for her criminal cabal? Has Obama made to pay for Benghazi? Are we supposed to actually believe that William Barr and the entire Department of Justice could find no evidence of wrongdoing that warranted indictments, jury trials and prison? Are we supposed to accept that Republicans did nothing to hold Black Lives Matter and Antifa accountable for burning down entire cities and neighborhoods, and murder? Yet these same godless Republicans are blaming President Trump for BLM and Antifa violence Jan. 6, 2021.

Had we invested in private Christian schools that preached Jesus Christ and trained our young people for service to God and His kingdom, we would have much fruit from our labors. Instead we have Republicans who support everything Democrats do, and we reward them with our money, support and reelection. The bottom line is that with the exception of a scant very few, they are all dirty, incestuous con-artists, liars and thieves dedicated to shafting We the People for their personal gain and comfort. I’d like to say I see the people waking up, but I honestly don’t think enough of them will.

We’re living in the last days – and, I repeat, supporting such politicians was a wrong course of action before, and it’s even more so today.

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