Will God abandon us to Satan and his 3 puppeteers?

The puppets on the stage at our left and right are not America’s enemies. The puppet master is. To win the battle for freedom, we must defeat the puppet master.

The dictionary offers two definitions for puppets:

1. a movable model of a person or animal that is used in entertainment and is typically moved either by strings controlled from above or by a hand inside it.

2. figurative, a person, party, or state under the control of another person, group, or power: the new Shah began his reign as an Anglo-Soviet puppet.

Puppets, by definition, have no free will at all. They are skillfully manipulated by the puppet master, whom we as the audience have been trained to ignore – if we see him at all. During the entire show he is pulling puppet strings, manipulating not only their moves but their motivations as well. Puppets have no mind of their own. Everything they say, everything they think, everything they do – is controlled by the man or the woman in the shadows who is pulling the strings.

Neither definition of a puppet is flattering when it is applied to a human being. The puppet knows nothing and believes nothing. Everything the puppet does and says has been scripted for him or her by an unseen hand; the same hand that generates motion and emotion for the puppets on the stage.

A puppet show can be simple, as in a short, often repeated act to entertain a few people or children with simple gloved puppet hands. The show can be complex, involving backstage help that human actors employ in the production of theater. But the puppet actor, unlike the human actor, brings nothing beyond his outside appearance to the show. He is exactly what the strings attached to him make him out to be. His or her “personality” is shared along with many others in the puppet master’s mind and technique.

God did not create humanity to become puppets. He gave each of us free will. He gave us minds to be educated. Souls to be nourished. A spirit to communicate with His own. The companionship of others like us. We are complex beyond imagining, which is why big tech’s attack on humanity is so insulting to God.

When we don’t develop God’s gifts to us as human beings, we are not what we were meant to become. When we allow others to educate us with their lies, we take a fateful step toward letting their lies fashion our reality.

When we allow others to fashion a narrative to explain the people, places and things we see before us, and the drama they have involved us in, we agree to live the life someone else wants us to have, not the life God wants us to have.

When we allow others to control the emotions we feel at the events and happenings before us, we allow those people to dictate our responses to the reality they have manufactured for us.

This nation’s educational system, once created to give all children the skills to do well in life, gradually moved from education to indoctrination. Were the schools that did this responding to the desires of parents – or of puppet masters hidden in the background who wanted the produce soulless young adults who had been taught what to think, rather than how to think? These puppet masters scrubbed the curriculum that gave us Western Civilization and replaced it with the insane rantings of communist-minded totalitarians. “Give us the answer we want, or you won’t graduate.”

Hollywood, which had the chance to use its cinema magic to enlighten us about ourselves and our world, chose instead to swallow the big lie and spew it out at us through their filmmaking. Hollywood’s puppet masters portion out the acting rolls and divvy up the bankroll to make the puppets think they matter.

The mid-level puppet masters in government, media, family, education, arts and sports, business and technology – and even the church – found that uneducated human beings were easier to manipulate and control than educated, thoughtful people. The show had to go on, but the actors must never be given a chance to influence the outcome.

Sometimes early on and other times much later, the mid-level puppet masters found that they, too, had strings attached to them. Their thoughts, their deeds, their actions were no longer their own. Even those of good intention found themselves entrapped within the drama being manipulated by those another step above them.

Today’s world is a COVID-infested puppet stage and not the world God created and intended it to become. The puppet masters at the top think it’s their world. Satan thinks it’s his world, because the puppet masters at the top belong wholly to him and are answerable to him.

God made a path for every human being on the puppet stage to cut the strings and rise to his or her destiny in God’s eyes. That path was bought and paid for by God through the high cost of the Blood of his Son, Jesus Christ, and His resurrection three days later. The strings were forever cut – if we so choose.

Unlike the puppet master wannabes running the world today, God the Father, His Holy Spirit and Jesus are not interested in a stage filled with puppets who sing and dance for them while others pull the strings. They want individuals who will become what they created men and women to be. They want to know them and they want to interact with them. That’s how much we mean to them.

To say that God is “invested” in humanity’s success is a colossal understatement! God paid for it with the Blood of his Son on the Cross. If you think that God is going to abandon humanity to Satan and his puppeteers, you don’t understand God. Read the Bible. Start with the New Testament.

Many Christians need to learn that chastisement is not abandonment. Humanity is on the cusp of the greatest revival the world has ever seen, and Satan knows it; he is fighting hard to preserve all that he has gained.

Christians need to understand that God himself has entered into this battle, and that’s never a fight you want to be on the other side of. Satan’s control of the puppet masters in big government, big media and big tech means that it is no longer humanly possible to win. Recall that God has foreknowledge: He sees the end from the beginning. Time was a limitation placed upon humanity; it is not the same for God.

We are a generation privileged beyond so many others to see this battle unfold before us, and indeed through prayer and intercession to be a part of it. The coming revelations of the evil in our midst for so long with be dark and painful, especially as those we trusted are exposed. But when we are finished, we will all know that our Creator-God is the only one we can ever fully trust. This was the lesson our founders knew, and tried to pass onto us through the checks and balances in our Constitution.

Take courage: There are at least two checks and balances that still remain. Americans do not want a civil war among the puppets on the left and the right while the evil men and women who pull the strings for their own benefit still prosper. God has the puppet masters in his sights. “For the day of vengeance is in My heart, And the year of My redeemed has come …” (Isaiah 63:3-5 NKJV). He will not cede His creation to Satan and the puppet masters for them to abuse and destroy. Not now.

You will never view Armageddon the same, again.

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