Will it really take F-15s to overthrown a tyrannical government?

America’s doers (collectively disparaged as MAGA supporters) are not the anemic or pathetic caricatures progressive media would have you believe. The media confuse patience with being docile; they confuse tolerance with weakness. We are neither. The media, overwhelmingly liberal and progressive, believe in their moral and intellectual superiority. It will also be their undoing one day, and they’ll never see it coming.

The progressive press expresses little desire to report and truthfully analyze how disheartened many Americans are with their government and their expectations for the future of their families. Readers here know it, but many Americans are out of touch with what’s happening inside their own country. We see it in polls, public demonstrations and the stratification of politics in America, with rural counties (making up the vast majority of the country) solid red and, with the cities composed of the wealthy, minorities and, more recently, millions of asylum seekers solidly blue. We are no longer the United States of America; we have morphed into something unrecognizable to many of us who still consider ourselves conservatives.

Due to those disparate beliefs and feelings, we are no longer moving forward; too many are locked into their positions through certainty of belief or completely misunderstanding the reality of what’s happened to our country. Collectively, many shake their heads. But there are many exceptions: There are many people, rational people, serious people, who believe a different time is coming in the not-too-distant future. Please don’t call it a revolution; look at it as our survival mode kicking in, which is altogether different.

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I frequently talk about the tyranny of numbers. Without looking at statistics granularly, you miss what’s happening just beneath the surface. Crime statistics are meaningless without breaking out who the victims and perpetrators are, plus the who, what, where and why that is part of understanding any issue. The powers that be purposefully prevent a clear picture of what’s happening, to tamp down what should and would be the appropriate response: a necessary and radical policy change that is not even up for debate. Why? So that the government is shielded from criticism and urgent demands for action. What’s virtually never talked about is the racial component of the frustration, anger and fear some white citizens, in particular, feel every bit as much as any group previously claiming their rights have been systemically violated. Now, it is our turn in the barrel.

A friend of mine shared an article that stated, in part, “The scariest single conversation I’ve ever heard in my life was five Special Forces guys having a fun thought exercise about how they would bring a major American city to its knees.” This was in reaction to Biden’s stupid comment, that those who think they need to maintain their right to own weapons to overthrow a tyrannical government “would need F-15 [fighter jets] and maybe some nuclear weapons.” But, they wouldn’t.

I’m beginning to hear things that should frighten us all. All those people who are willing to prosecute me for my beliefs, jail me by violating my constitutional rights, and are willing to come to my home with a SWAT team to take me by force for non-violent alleged offenses are forgetting two things:

Acting as a government agent, each law enforcement officer is constitutionally responsible for upholding the law, all laws. Sending pointed messages through the use of potentially deadly force is designed to send a signal to everyday Americans that you are Subjects and not Citizens and you dare not stand up on your own two legs. Even if a higher-up does the ordering, it is up to the individual law enforcement officer to determine the legality of such an order.

You may risk your job by saying “No” to an unconstitutional order. Still, you are protecting your family, friends, neighbors and, ultimately, our country by refusing to allow the government to set us against ourselves through the use of illegal orders.

Americans don’t take kindly to having their government use unnecessary force, even deadly force. The result is the creation of insurgents – American insurgents. We’ve faced, and sometimes lost to, insurgents all over the world when we have used American might inappropriately. It goes without saying that there are millions of armed Americans trained in the combat arts who are more likely to be on the right than the left. Don’t expect your sheriff, local PD, state police, or state National Guard to go against the people on issues of profound personal belief, especially in those red counties and states. Those days are over, friends.

Progressives have wildly overestimated the ability of the federal government to reorder our lives and tell us what to do and how to live as free people. Pushback is everywhere, and the government seems to be trying to get ahead of any problems by attempting to access everyone’s financial records using keyword searches while revving up their political machine, making false statements that domestic terrorism is our greatest threat. Threat to whom? That’s the question that needs a clear and resounding answer.

The government has evolved from being the people’s servant to something akin to holding absolute power over us. We are limited, in fact, if not by law, then by how much money and time we have to try and fight back against the government’s unlimited resources. They know that, and this is where I circle back to Biden’s “F-15” remark.

It should not be lost on anyone that we have a Devil’s Choice before us. On one hand, our country has evolved to be largely peaceful and free. On the other hand, freedom and peace are being threatened by a barrage of issues from taxes, uncontrolled bureaucrats known as the Deep State, a broken political system and systematic attacks on our system by Marxist agents of the new Democratic Party (you know, the one your father would not recognize), along with too many power-hungry politicians along the way who have literally sold us down the river.

I ask each of you how we can avoid creating violent insurgents whose frustrations could inevitably lead to internecine warfare. Is there any way that we can prevent such a calamity?

I pray that before that happens, another way is found to face off against the Destroyers that threaten our existence, though I am not hopeful. Whichever way it pans out, America will survive. It is the essential country all other free nations need to ensure their own survival.

Certainly, God would not see his once-perfect country destroyed through a few men’s folly. Of this, I am certain.

God bless America.

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