Will vax mandates spur the demise of U.S. economy?

As you’ve no doubt heard, this week the Food and Drug Administration approved the Pfizer vaccine. Lest you mistakenly think this means all the clinical trials have been successfully passed, think again: All they did was extend the “emergency use authorization” (EUA).

Nonetheless, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said we now can expect two major developments.

One, those who were “on the fence about getting vaccinated” may tip toward getting the shot (a laughable claim known as “wishful thinking”). And two, we can expect vaccine mandates from an increasing number of state and local governments, employers, businesses, schools and entertainment venues.

Forget the legitimate concerns about the safety and efficacy of these shots. The facts – repeat, facts – of “breakthrough” hospitalizations of fully vaccinated people as well as the massive numbers of serious injuries and deaths post-jab are being brutally suppressed. “The carnage [from the vaccine] is unimaginable,” writes commentator Wayne Allyn Root. “Over 13,000 dead and about 600,000 injured in the USA. Another 20,000 dead and about 2 million injured from the vaccine in the EU. But those are just the reported numbers. History (and a Harvard study in 2010) proves only about 1% of vaccine deaths and injuries are reported. So the real number is anywhere from 10 times to 100 times higher.”

No wonder so many people are “vaccine hesitant.” But don’t expect these numbers to be reported any time soon. After all, the surgeon general also says there’s not nearly enough social media censorship.

But in today’s column, I don’t want to address either the medical aspects of the vaccine or the constitutional aspects of forcing unwanted shots on a reluctant populace. Instead I want to address the potential for economic repercussions.

By one recent poll, the number of “vaccine hesitant” in America is estimated to be 45% [“Americans were twice as likely to not have received a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine (45%) than their U.K. counterparts (23%)”]. (It’s worth noting this polling agency has an agenda to get more people vaccinated; therefore their data are likely to be questionable.) The number of “vaccine hesitant” Americans is likely higher, but let’s go with 45%. Of the 250 million Americans over 19 years of age, that’s approximately 112 million adults who, for whatever reason, refuse to comply. What are some of the consequences from creating a massive subgroup of pariahs?

Currently New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans and probably some other major cities require proof of vaccination to enter bars, nightclubs, restaurants, gyms and retail stores. Same with concerts, conventions and stadiums. Endless other cities – and endless other venues – are poised to enact these mandates upon visitors and customers.

You can automatically slice their business revenues in half if nearly half of Americans won’t be allowed to enter the facilities. Can a restaurant survive on half its customer base? How about theaters? Sporting events? Concerts? Airlines? The tourist industry?

Remember, these are the businesses and venues that managed to survive the lockdowns. (We’re not counting the hundreds of thousands of small businesses that were forced to close over the last 18 months.) If mandates are imposed, these business and venues will be required to a) act as government goons and check everyone’s vaccination status, and b) turn away half their paying customer base. How long will they stay in business under these conditions?

Next let’s flip the tables and look at businesses that will be imposing vaccine mandates on their employees. Assuming the same figure – about 45% of the population refusing the vaccine – this means employers may potentially lose almost half their employees.

It is truly extraordinary how many highly skilled and qualified people will suddenly be excluded from the workforce. Doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, airline pilots, flight attendants, engineers, scientists, researchers – the list is endless. There is hardly an industry that won’t be adversely affected by vaccine mandates. You think the service industry was facing a staffing shortage before? Just watch what happens going forward.

Recently, a hospital in Texas reached a “breaking point” with staff shortages so severe they are begging for help. Why? Because they fired 150 nurses and other hospital workers for refusing to get the vaccine. One nurse says she anticipates up to 20% of nurses will be fired over mandates, and “even losing 5% would be devastating to the community.”

K12 schools and universities are facing the same issue. They are losing massive numbers of staff, instructors, and students wherever mandates are imposed.

Oh, and for added fun, some states are now saying those who are fired for refusing the vaccine may not collect unemployment.

No matter what Surgeon General Murthy and other government elites seem to think, those who are opposed to getting the vaccine can’t be bullied or bribed into getting the jab. I’m sure government officials think they’re being clever in trying to force people to get the vaccine by eliminating options for shopping, entertainment, or sporting events. But what will happen instead is the unvaxxed (assuming they still have a job) will simply shrug their shoulders and forgo shopping, entertainment, or sports. This means retailers, entertainers and athletes will lose half their customer base.

What happens if the government attempts to “starve” citizens into compliance by requiring vaccines to shop for groceries? Aside from the very real possibility of violence, a brisk underground economy will spring up in record time. Mark my words.

In fact, in addition to bifurcating society, the government may be on the verge of bifurcating the economy as parallel industries spring up to service the unvaccinated. Already Gab has launched a “No Vax Mandate Job Board” to provide employment listings for healthy unvaccinated Americans. I have a feeling it’s just the beginning.

This isn’t even a liberal-versus-conservative issue. Plenty of people from both sides of the political spectrum draw the line at putting untested and potentially hazardous materials directly into their bloodstream.

“This isn’t about public health and it never was,” writes independent journalist Leo Hohmann. “This is about identifying, marking and segregating the population into two groups, those obedient to the state and those who they knew would resist.”

The bottom line for all this vaccine insanity is the economy can’t survive mandates. “Is this the Democrat plan?” asks Wayne Allyn Root. “Are they really suicidal? Are they doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party? Are they trying to destroy the U.S. economy? Are they trying to foment civil war? Or are they just that dumb?”

I don’t know. All I know is America had better brace itself. Vaccine mandates may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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