Will we have a nation left for Trump to fix?

You heard about the verdict in Donald Trump’s latest show trial in New York?

This was the one in which a former washed-up advice columnist, E. Jean Carroll, 80 years old, accused the former president of the United States of damaging her reputation by calling her a liar after she charged him with a sexual assault in a department store in 1996. Trump says he never met the woman.

For the “rape” claim, she was awarded $5 million last May. For this much lesser charge she got $83 million. Go figure. Carroll never thought to charge Trump during his first presidency or his second run for the office, but only when New York presented itself as a target-rich environment for all things Trump. He’s facing at least three other trials in New York – all of them deeply political.

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Trump jokes at his campaign rallies that he’s been indicted more times that Al Capone.

But $83 million is a lot of money when you are running a presidential campaign. It’s also a lot of time spent in courtrooms. The trouble for the Democrats is that the more his opponents indict him, the more popular he gets. Also, the more Joe Biden “fixes” America, the more we don’t recognize it.

Take, for example, what he did with the border. What did he do? He invited everyone to literally “surge” the southern border. He ordered the Border Patrol to stop picking people up – stop arresting them, stop hassling them. The Border Patrol would no more be in that business. From henceforth they would only “process” people quickly while they were welcomed to their new homeland – the USA. Now there’s 10 million more people here, illegally, than there were three years ago. And a lot fewer Americans – especially between the ages of 18-45. They are dying at that age of fentanyl poisoning – by at least 100,000 a year.

Imagine losing 100,000 mostly young people in two Boeing 747 crashes every day for five years in the United States and seeing no action by the government. It would be a crime of epic proportions. And that’s just the start.

The increase in the population of the U.S. over the past three years under Biden is planned to be permanent by the Democrats – the highest ever experienced in our history. And it’s rising every month, reaching beyond 300,000 last month alone. Some 25 states have joined Texas calling Biden’s campaign an “invasion” of the U.S. by a totally unscreened population, warned against even by his hapless FBI director.

Greg Abbott, Texas’ governor, drafted a letter noting that more than 9 million border crossers have reached our country in just three years – more than the entire population of 33 states. Meanwhile, Biden has ignored letters and pleas for help. This is obviously a gambit for unfettered immigration into mainly red states to affect elections and creating a permanent one-party nation.

Abbott has announced he will continue to build barriers of any kind he can to curtail the invasion. He also plans on calling on other states to do the job the federal government won’t do. The governor also signed a new law that allows him to call on any Texas lawmen to arrest any illegal alien on sight.

Just this weekend, the House took a major step toward impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas by formalizing allegations ahead of a committee vote.

“This is now a fight for America,” says Abbott. “I believe that this will all come to an end when we inaugurate a new president January 20 of next year. Because I believe a new president will be sworn in that will enforce the immigration laws of the entire country.”

And that would be President Donald Trump, of course. Boy, do we need him more than ever. Biden has left us all exposed to many things – skyrocketing inflation, the economy, and a distrust of government “leadership,” according to polls.

Right now, it’s a two-man race – and time’s a’wasting.

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