With certification, Congress has betrayed the nation

Congress certified the Electoral College vote for Joe Biden in the middle of the night, just like how Jesus was convicted by the Jewish high priests in the middle of the night, just like five states committed election fraud last Nov. 3-4 in the middle of the night.

Riots took place in D.C. Wednesday. The media are playing those scenes over and over, unlike what they did last summer when Antifa and BLM were burning down American cities. The police killed an unarmed woman, 17-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt.

Congress used those riots to punt on its responsibility to “defend and protect” the United States Constitution. It refused to look at the irregularities and constitutional violations by those five states that changed election processes without legislative approvals as per the Constitution. It ignored the ballot harvesting that happened with COVID as the excuse. It ignored the vote switching from Trump to Biden as recorded for the Georgia Legislature and proved in Michigan.

NewsMax reported polls showing that 46% of Americans and 82% of Republicans believe that Biden received more votes than Trump by election fraud.

Sen. Lindsey Graham disagrees with the very people who voted for him. He referenced the multiple election-related court cases that were dismissed for technical reasons rather than merit. He referenced a judge who ruled that the election process changes were constitutional, even though legislatures were not involved. Did Lindsey forget about all the lower court rulings for the last four years concerning President Trump that were reversed by the Supreme Court? Travel ban. Emoluments. Tax filings. Funding for the wall. Hobby Lobby. Tariffs on products made in China. Church shut downs. A huge list.

No court has done anything to respond to those beliefs that Biden-benefiting election fraud happened. None. They have all used legal technicalities to keep from having to rule on the merits about the accusations of fraud. Standing, filed too soon, filed too late, wrong forms … all are cop outs.

Chief Justice Roberts used “standing” to keep from having to rule on election fraud in the 2020 presidential election so SCOTUS would not have to rule on the merits. He made bad decisions not to hear the cases. He ignored his oath to “protect and defend” the Constitution and seemingly acquiesced to the extortion of leftist mob rule. Roberts is complicit in the riots in D.C. by his refusal to hear the cases.

Last summer, the media made excuses for BLM and Antifa by stating that their riots were because of frustration over racial injustice. How many business were burned? How many people got killed?

Why are some Americans rioting over the election? Because they, too, are frustrated. They are not getting anyone to investigate their grievances.

Pretend the riots over election fraud were done by Black Lives Matter or Antifa. What would those politicians be saying? Pretend that Ashli Babbitt, the woman killed by the police, was black and shot during a BLM protest. How would the media be treating this?

Just like the Supreme Court, the Congress punted on its responsibility. The ramifications of that will last for generations, as the bad guys now have free will to defraud Americans.

Joe Biden has announced that his administration would cancel the Trump policy of America First. If not Americans first, then who? Why didn’t he announce that intention prior to the election? Why aren’t Republican politicians and the media asking Joe that question? Because they also are all punting on their responsibilities to Americans.

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