With the oligarchs back in charge, what are our options?

A group of us met to discuss the current state of things in the United States now and what to do next. As with many Trump supporters, we 10 are part of the most “deplorable” of demographics: white men over the age of 50. Our parents were part of the Great Depression and World War II generation who are now rolling over in their graves because of what is happening to the nation they sacrificed to give to us.

On his first day, Joe Biden announced that his administration would drop the policy of America First, submit legislation to grant citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens and DACA beneficiaries, cancel the Keystone Pipeline, reimplement the Iran nuke deal, rejoin TPP and the Paris Accord, push to normalize relations with China, as they were prior to Trump, and welcome the refugees from the south. Why didn’t Biden tell America before the Nov. 3 election that he planned to do all this? Dishonest. Very dishonest. And the media, of course, are applauding him.

One of the attendees challenged the overall group assumption that Biden won because of election fraud. He quoted pundits who continually state that 60 judges reviewed Trump’s accusations of election fraud. Then one of the smart guys in the room pointed out that the the media were actually accurate in their statement, but totally dishonest in the presentation … as usual.

Sixty judges did not find that there was no election fraud. That is a misrepresentation by mainstream media. Fake news. While 60 judges were involved in the seven cases, only one judge actually ruled on the merits of election fraud. And that was about a very specific situation in only one state. The nine Supreme Court justices certainly did not. They ruled on standing, not election fraud. And those other 50 did not rule on election fraud either. They rejected the other six cases based on legal technicalities like standing, filed too late, filed too early, used wrong forms, wrong jurisdiction, etc. – but they did not specifically reject the claims of election fraud.

Was it really 60 judges? Appellate courts have multiple judge panels just as the Supreme Court does. Sixty judges does not mean 60 cases as the media imply. Sixty judges does not mean that all 60 agreed. Two of the nine SCOTUS justices disagreed with the other seven. The issue of alleged election fraud in seven states and the claim of vote-flipping in Dominion machines have not been addressed. In fact, the only county that investigated the machines found that 6,000 votes were flipped from Trump to Biden. If that happened in each county in Michigan, that would be 260,000 flipped votes that were ignored by that judge by his not testing each machine in Michigan. If true for all battleground states, then 3 million votes might have been flipped.

All of us in the group believe Trump about the deep state, about media bias, about the control of rich oligarchs and about the evil Democrats have planned for the next four years so that they are never out of power/control of America again. Those bad folks used impeachment to trample the Constitution’s First Amendment, Fifth Amendment and 14th Amendment. They turned impeachment into a political weapon. No witnesses, no due process, no legal representation for the defendant. As such, we must assume that they will trample any part of the Constitution that hinders their objectives. It’s Alinskyism: The end justifies the means.

So the prognosis came down to this: As per the theory of Ravi Batra in “The Great Depression of 1990,” America has evolved over the last 50 years, as do all advanced democratic civilizations, to embrace more and more socialism as the masses learn that they can vote themselves more from the treasury. Batra continues that oligarchs amass great wealth they use to corrupt every democracy. They are the power behind politicians. Donald J. Trump threatened their control because he did not need their money, so they had to do anything to get rid of him before he stopped their corruption of America. Those oligarchs own the mainstream media, the education institutions and most politicians. They are the military leaders, the corporate elite and the billionaires all over the world. They impose a two-tier system of luxury for themselves and socialism for the masses (communism).

Their strategy against Trump was simple: divide and conquer, control the dialogue, and get rid of Trump and Trump supporters. We little folks do not stand a chance without a leader like Donald J. Trump to defend us and unite us as someone who was once one of them. He understands them and knows how to fight them.

Was this an overt conspiracy? Only among the globalist oligarchs and politicians – while the masses are willing dupes, a symbiotic relationship as a pilot fish has with a shark.

So the discussion with my friends evolved into what to do now. With only 15 or so more years to live, our outlooks varied considerably depending on our personal situations. Some of our children have children of their own and some do not. Some of our children have similar political views and some do not. And some of our children warrant inheriting our estates and some do not.

So what do you do with only 15 years left? Our list of options boiled down to these:

1. Keep fighting for right, for the values in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence and Bible with the understanding that the bad guys might eventually come for each of us one at a time. Their tools are extensive: IRS, FBI, taxes, Social Security, Medicare. Isolation by social media bans. Military. Media demonization. Ostracize. Cancel.

2. Pray. Pray a lot.

3. Set up local militia groups. Build self-sufficient communities with wells for water, community land for food, guns for defense, solar for electricity. Make it so that the bad guys will want to leave you alone.

4. Do noting, say nothing, keep your head down, adapt. Many Jews in 1935 thought that was the right solution to what Nazis were doing at the time. Many conservatives think that is what should be done now.

5. Move. Move to a state that will not take this crap or to a country that has a high level of American expatriates. Texas. Oklahoma. Wyoming. Kentucky. San Miguel de Allende. Costa Rico.

6. Change your will. Those who have liberal children decided not to leave their estates to those children in fear that their estates would eventually be given to organizations they detest like Planned Parenthood, ACLU,and climate change activists.

For me?

From the film “Galaxy Quest”: “Never give up, never surrender!”

From Jesus Christ, in Matthew 10:34: “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” And 1 John 3:8: “He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.”

Paraphrased from Mother Teresa: If a person can justify killing an unborn child, then that person can justify any evil action (Democrats today).

And finally, from my second book, “Rules for Conservatives,” published in 2012: “There was a time when you could tell the good guys from the bad guys because the good guys wore white hats and rode white horses. Now that the bad guys have learned to disguise themselves in the white hats and white horses of ‘social justice,’ ‘helping the less fortunate,’ ‘political correctness,’ and ‘one world order,’ it is important for the rest of us to recognize the bad guys by other means than just looking at their hats and horses. … and then we need to fight them with all of our might.”

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