Woke entertainment firms drown in debt: Will they change course?

As is the case with so many doggedly progressive, corporate behemoths of late, like Disney, Netflix, Twitter and others, progressive phone company AT&T had to learn the hard way that operating a communications company that openly hates the deeply held values of over half the country isn’t as easy as it looks. AT&T ended the fourth quarter of 2021 carrying over $156.2 billion in debt, $85 billion of that from its ill-fated acquisition of Time Warner/ Warner Brothers/ CNN.

For perspective, that’s the largest leveraged debt load for any non-financial services company in U.S. corporate history, and institutional lenders are understandably biting their nails. To keep the company from foundering, it was pretty much required AT&T throw Warner Brothers overboard after only four epic-failed years at the helm. It did just that in February of this year, offloading the controlling stake of the money pit to Discovery Inc.

But perhaps even more costly over the long term for AT&T is that its “unbiased” mask slipped when tipping its hand to trusting and unsuspecting Christians and conservatives like you, via wholly owned CNN, that they are no fan of your worldview – only your hard-earned money. “Keep paying those exorbitant monthly mobile, internet and DirecTV bills, loathsome conservative.”

You’d have to have been living under a rock in the desert not to have noticed that under AT&T’s leadership, CNN became exponentially more empowered, embittered and insufferable once they had assurances from the mother ship that it would cover financial losses to advance the society-upending progressive agenda at any cost.

From the day it was acquired by progressive soulmate AT&T, the news network began openly mocking and despising your worldview more than they would have dared before without such deep pockets propping them up, thanks to our faithful AT&T subscriptions over the years. Considering the overt, in-your-face mask slip, I’m surprised that a single conservative still carries an AT&T phone and sends love letters in the form of overpriced monthly fees. (Visit 2ndvote.com to learn about higher-rated, lower-cost alternatives that don’t use your own money to bludgeon you.)

This brings me to the new “Warner Brothers-Discovery” iteration of the aging, progressively tainted, Hollywood brand that owns conservative-bashing CNN.

Equally progressive NYC-based Discovery Inc. already owns Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, HGTV, TLC and now the management stake in Warner Brothers. Truthfully, I’ve enjoyed certain programs on HGTV and Discovery over the years, but one need not watch very long to understand Discovery’s unwavering commitment to progressivism and Darwinism. No Intelligent Design allowed. Ever. And if any show hosts dare suggest the Judeo-Christian worldview that marriage was traditionally between a man and a woman, count on your popular series being cut from the lineup faster than you can say “Benham Brothers.”

Unlike AT&T, the fiscally irresponsible and clumsy telephone company that went disastrously over its skis when it jumped lanes into entertainment, the new management of Warner Brothers appears to be at least considerably more measured and focused on running the company like a business again, not just an ideological bully pulpit. Thus, it appears to have survived bumbling AT&T and will live to fight another day, at least for now.

Reportedly, Discovery will also be consolidating Warner Brothers’ multiple streaming services into a single destination – not a difficult business decision given abundantly clear spending burnout with ever more paid services like the short-lived Chris (Wallace) News Network CNN+. That was always just a leftist pipe dream and another rabbit hole for AT&T to shovel money into. I’m surprised it lasted a month after Discovery’s acquisition – and at a reported cost of $300 million. They were smart to cut their losses since the chances of premium CNN+ surviving at any cost would have been less likely than a “progressive” show host competing with Rush Limbaugh in the early days of talk radio. And that string of annoying, failed pundits was free to the listener.

So, already drowning in $55 billion of debt – again demonstrating AT&T’s complete miscalculation of America and the company’s embarrassing ineptitude in the entertainment sector – Discovery will need to radically change course for the over-leveraged, deeply progressive Hollywood brand to become viable again. And not just with respect to fiscal decisions.

It begs the question, then, will Discovery have learned anything at all from observing the self-inflicted disasters befalling Twitter, Disney, “woke brain virus Netflix,” as Elon Musk skillfully calls it, and others, who’ve run their long trains off the progressive cliff of late? I guess only time will tell. But do yourself and your family a huge favor and steer clear of Warner Brothers offerings until Discovery has proven beyond any considerable doubt that they too won’t openly loath everything you stand for like their ideological doppelganger, AT&T.

Who knows, perhaps the proud new owners of tired old Warner Brothers will be smart enough to encourage both CNN and their Hollywood sub-contractor pals to stop sticking their bony finger in the eye of half the country. That’s a tall order, I know. But one can dream big for the sake of our kids’ futures.

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