'Wokism' meets the Great Awakening

“Wokism,” if I may paraphrase a Tom Clancy title, is the Sum of all Annoyances. There are no actual grievances, only personal annoyances the “woke” members of society project onto the rest of us in the nation at large. The “woke” among us somehow imagine themselves as more sensitive and caring than all the rest of us. They miss no opportunity to alert us to this hindrance to our further growth.

A Great Awakening, in contrast, is a nation that as a collection of individuals, recognizes that they have offended the God of Heaven and Earth through their thoughts, deeds, actions, lies, deceits, greed, envy and all the other things that come so easily to humanity without God. Based on that recognition, and with their eyes fixed on the abyss they see before them, the people recognize their guilt before God alone (sinfulness), fall on their faces and repent (which means acknowledging and turning away from that which they have done).

One is theatre to make ourselves appear important and more sensitive than our neighbors. The other is an essential part of what it means to be created in the image of God. A Great Awakening is an acknowledgment that without God, both we and our nation will perish.

I no longer consider churches and denominations as various measures of our reverence, holiness and love of God. The words on Sundays may sound nice, but they have lost their meaning. The “What would Jesus do?” phrase posed by godless leftists is nothing more than thin gruel, in which they are perishing. The Gospels tell us quite clearly what Jesus would – and did – do. All any of us need do is to read them.

If we are relying on our nation’s churches to alert their members to these things, we are also likely waiting for hell to freeze over. Too many of our nation’s churches are focused on preaching personal piety and passing the collection plate. Is it through good teaching that we become more like Jesus?

Not that I can see. God never intended to fix the old man or woman. He intended to kill them, which is what the act of baptism symbolizes: We arise from a watery grave a new creation, infused with God’s Spirit, eager to hear his voice and do his will. The Old Man, like the Unawakened Nation, has precious little time for God’s voice or his direction.

A Great Awakening sweeps through a nation not at the bidding of churches and preachers, but of God’s Spirit, just as it did in the book of Acts. It will initially result in us seeing ourselves as God sees us, which is going to be one hot and way less than holy mess. For those who survive that vision of themselves, God will unveil his direction for the remainder of their lives, guiding them by the still small voice that resides within each one of us.

Wokism is simply Satan’s counterfeit of God’s Great Awakening. By our own efforts, the line goes, we shall become aware of our sins against one another. By making a suitable contribution to the movement, we shall receive absolution. Now go across the hall, rinse and repeat. In the end, through your efforts, you will become perfect.

Foundational to Awakening is the understanding that Creation was a real event. Humanity did not “evolve” from pond scum. We didn’t arise from contamination when the aliens dropped off their trash. We were formed by the hand of the Living God.

The chief end of man was never to know all about God and leave it there. Rather, “The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever” (Westminster Confession, short). The chief end of man was never to know all about God, and live in fear of Him. Don’t let the devil drown you in that cesspool of his own making. He lies about everything, because as Jesus pointed out, he is the Father of Lies. The only power he has is that which you or I give him when we believe his lies.

The solution for that is to read the Bible, which will teach you who you are, in Christ. The kingdom of darkness quakes at the thought of an awakened world that no longer believes their lies.

God knows what He created humanity to become. It cost Him the life of his only Son to make that possible. Be careful. For God, it is very personal. Wokism won’t cut it. Personal piety won’t cut it. Regular church attendance buys you nothing.

God wants a broken heart and a renewed mind. From then on He can work with you. I’m not saying this is an easy path. But I am saying that the destination is worth it. If you decide to go down this path, you might ask the Holy Spirit if He will take you on as a student. “He will lead you into all truth” (John 16:3).

At a national level this condition is called a Great Awakening. At an international level, it is Satan’s worst nightmare. While many have abandoned hope, we are in fact on the cusp of the greatest awakening in the history of the world. It will change governments, nations, alliances, families, individuals and churches. That is to say the churches will finally become The Church.

Few people in history have ever seen what we are about to witness. The wokism that seems to be destroying America and so many other nations will be dust under the feet of the redeemed as the Great Awakening takes hold. I have always suspected that God has a backdoor into humanity, so to speak. For such a time as this.

The real Armageddon Story, Vol. 4, Earth’s Final Kingdom.

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