World faces 'two-headed threat' with Putin and Biden in charge, warns top Christian

Joe Biden delivers the State of the Union address on Tuesday, March 1, 2022. (Video screenshot)
Joe Biden delivers the State of the Union address on Tuesday, March 1, 2022. (Video screenshot)

Citing the horrific death and destruction already inflicted on Ukraine by the advance of Vladimir Putin’s Russian army, James Dobson, the founder of the James Dobson Family Institute and the host of the “Family Talk” radio program, is warning about the danger from the “two-headed threat,” Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden.

“That could be a recipe for disaster,” he explained in his March newsletter to constituents.

He wrote, “The most frightening scenario is a two-headed threat. On the one hand is Vladimir Putin, in complete control of one of the world’s premier nuclear forces. On the other hand is a weak, indecisive president of the United States, Joe Biden.”

He explained he joins millions in sadness and outrage at Russia’s “unprovoked assault on the peace-loving people of Ukraine.”

“Vladimir Putin, the thug and former KGB head of the Soviet secret police, reportedly murdered countless enemies of the state in his day. Now, as president of Russia, he has rained down terror on innocent Ukrainian men, women, and children, who are desperately trying to defend their beloved homeland. As of this writing, their cries for help have largely fallen on deaf ears, as our weak president and European leaders have dithered,” he wrote.

He described Putin’s act of war as like that of Adolf Hitler when he invaded Poland in 1939.

That progressed poorly for the world, he explained, as Hitler then massacred “tens of thousands of Polish citizens” and soon was rounding up “six million Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and mentally disabled people” and killing them in gas chambers.

“In a sense, there is a similarity between then and now. What ‘the Fuhrer’ did to Poland and Europe in 1939 was profoundly evil. Likewise, what Putin is doing 83 years later is also unconscionable. This Russian tyrant didn’t even bother to concoct an excuse to send guns, tanks, and planes into Ukraine. The brave Ukrainian people are resisting his merciless invasion against impossible odds,” Dobson wrote.

Hitler’s “murderous” agenda led to the deaths of 50 million in World War Two, like 25 million deaths followed the assassinations of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife in 1914.

“Is the human race ready for another worldwide military catastrophe? Many prognosticators warn that it is likely. They say that Putin wants to rebuild the Russian Empire which collapsed in 1989. That implies that after Ukraine, the Baltic States may be his next objective. Some believe that Putin’s greater goal is the NATO countries, beginning with Poland and Eastern Europe,” he wrote.

Then there’s China, Iran and North Korea.

But that most frightening scenario, he said, is Putin and Biden.

He then recalled the words of President Ronald Reagan in 1981, who said, “Above all, we must realize that no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have.”

And he said the Bible addresses such situations.

“We should be like the sons of Issachar, who ‘understood the times and knew what to do.’ (I Chronicles 12:32),” he said. “It is time for concerted prayer, especially for the people of Ukraine. Let’s call upon our loving God who cares about those who are suffering. Please pray also for our country, which is in desperate need of a revival that will sweep the nation and bring us back to our spiritual roots. Let it begin with you and me.”

It’s not the first time that Dobson has criticized Biden for his moral agenda. In 2021, Dobson, who has advised five presidents on family and faith issues, warned that the agenda pursued by Biden and his Democratic Party could finish off America.

And after Biden’s first solo news conference as president, Dobson said the nation was “teetering on the edge,” and soon it could be “forever too late.”

He accused Biden of acting as a divider, not a unifier.

“He has advanced far-left policies – most often by executive order – and continues to blame President Trump for problems that he is creating, even as he takes credit for successes he inherited,” Dobson said. “Through it all President Biden nevertheless accuses Republicans of ‘continu[ing] the politics of division.’ (He even questioned whether the Republican party would still be here in 2024?!) How this man could say such things with a straight face is beyond me. Yet, it seems that he is willing to say anything to cram his radically left agenda down the throats of all Americans.”

Dobson said it’s “more clear than ever that our nation is teetering on the edge. Are Christians, at long last, aware of this horrible reality?”

“And are we finally ready to stand up and let our voices be heard, before it is forever too late?”

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