Would there have been an Obama had abortion been legal in 1960?

If Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, had been alive today, we can be confident she would have been among the loudest voices at whatever pro-abortion protest would have her.

As Obama describes his mother in his memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” Ann was “a lonely witness for secular humanism, a soldier for New Deal, Peace Corps, position-paper liberalism.” And she was all these things before such things were cool.

Her parents were a bit more traditional. In the summer of 1960, they faced a dilemma. Their daughter was pregnant, and she had alerted them that the father was black. Today, a mixed-race couple can make a living just starring in TV commercials.

Not so in 1960 Seattle. In those days, getting pregnant out of wedlock with anyone was an embarrassment. Getting pregnant out of wedlock with a black man was a stain on the family honor.

The parents were not all that traditional. I suspect that if abortion were legal, they would have pressured their daughter to have one. And Ann, being prematurely woke, would have been pleased to oblige them.

But in 1960, abortion was not legal. So Ann’s parents did the next best thing. They spirited her out of town to Hawaii, the one state in the union most tolerant of mixed-race couples and their offspring.

No, Jack, you’re wrong, say my more conventional readers. Don’t you know that Ann got pregnant with the Kenyan Barack Obama only after she arrived in Hawaii? And that little Barack was the product of their “improbable love.” So said the grown Barack at his breakout 2004 convention speech.

No one in the major media has dared challenge this storyline. What none of Obama’s mainstream biographers has explained, however, is why Ann’s parents abruptly pulled up stakes in the summer of 1960 and took 17-year-old Ann, kicking and screaming, to Hawaii.

No biographer denies that the Dunham departure to Hawaii was unexpected or that Ann was unwilling. Nor can any offer a more credible explanation than that the Willy Loman of the family, Stanley Dunham, was seeking a new opportunity in the retail furniture business.

So bound are they by the expectations of their audiences and their publishers, however, that not even the least sympathetic of Obama’s biographers dares pull on the thread that would unravel the whole sacred Obama nativity story.

What if Ann were pregnant before she arrived in Hawaii?

Once that thread is pulled, everything else makes sense. That thread would explain why the family breadwinner, Madelyn Dunham, quit her stable job in the banking business to leave for Hawaii.

That thread, once pulled, would explain the unseemly haste of Ann’s alleged hook-up with the already-married Kenyan and his willingness to assume the role of father.

That thread would explain why Stanley Dunham would remain great pals with the Kenyan Obama even after he allegedly knocked up Stanley’s underage daughter.

That thread would explain, too, why Ann dropped out of the University of Hawaii when she would allegedly have been no more than two months pregnant and then dropped off the radar altogether.

That thread would explain why not even Ann’s personal biographer can account for Ann’s whereabouts from February 1961 to the alleged birth in August of that year. It would explain too why no photos of a pregnant Ann or a newborn Barack have surfaced.

That thread would explain why Ann and the Kenyan did not spend so much as one night under the same roof and why Ann hightailed it back to Seattle with a baby allegedly only a few weeks old.

Finally, that thread once pulled, would explain why Barack Obama and the DNC would pay big bucks for the fixers at Perkins Coie – of Steele dossier and Alpha bank fame – to keep Barack’s birth certificate out of the hands of anyone who wanted to see it, starting with Democratic attorney Philip Berg.

Kenya was always a red herring. The real problem, I strongly suspect, was the date of birth. A birth, say, in February 1961 would have unraveled the entire Obama “improbable love” mythology, the mythology on which Obama based his campaign.

Had that birth certificate been made available to Hillary’s campaign, there would have been no Obama presidency. Then again, had abortion been available to Obama’s mom, there likely would have been no Obama.

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