Writer of '10%' email confirms 'big guy' is Joe Biden

Joe Biden walks to the Oval Office, Monday, Feb. 14, 2022, after his trip to Camp David. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)
Joe Biden walks to the Oval Office, Monday, Feb. 14, 2022, after his trip to Camp David. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)

Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski has stated he is “1,000%” certain that the “big guy” who was to receive 10% equity in a multi-million deal with a Chinese Communist Party-run energy firm is Joe Biden.

Bobulinski, in an October 2020 interview with Tucker Carlson, was referencing a May 13, 2017, email he received from James Gilliar, a former British special forces officer who also was a partner in the deal.

Now, the New York Post is confirming Bobulinski’s claim, reporting Thursday that Gilliar referred to Joe Biden as the “big guy” in a panicked message the same day the Post broke the news of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop three weeks before the 2020 election.

The exchange of messages between Gilliar and an undisclosed person was provided by a whistleblower to Republican congressional investigators probing the contents of the laptop.

Gilliar, in the messages, insisted that regardless of the outcome of the 2020 election, the revelations about Joe Biden’s apparent involvement in his son’s foreign deals would not be damaging.

Meanwhile, in a House hearing Thursday morning, the head of the Justice Department’s national security division was asked by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., about the “big guy.”

Olsen refused to answer, but in the process the DOJ official confirmed there is an “ongoing investigation.”

Gaetz closed his five minutes of questioning declaring, “Winter’s coming, and we’re going to be in the majority, and then you’re going to have to answer these questions for the country.”

The U.S. attorney for Delaware, David Weiss, is leading an investigation of Hunter Biden’s business dealings that began with his “tax affairs” – in Hunter Biden’s words – but has expanded to potential money laundering and violations of lobbying laws. A witness who testified before the grand jury in the case was asked to identify the “big guy,” a source familiar with the proceedings told the New York Post in April.

On Monday, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, informed Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray that FBI whistleblowers charge a bureau analyst was part of a “scheme” to “undermine derogatory information connected to Hunter Biden by falsely suggesting it was disinformation.”

The analyst, Brian Auten, was a key figure in Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation alleging the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

See Gaetz’s exchange with Matthew Olsen, assistant attorney general for national security:

Partnering with Xi
Bobulinski, in his October 2020 interview with Tucker Carlson, talked about the deal Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s brother Jim negotiated with CEFC Energy, an arm of Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping’s chief global domination venture, the “Belt and Road Initiative.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks on the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party on July 1, 2021 (Screenshot)

Gilliar, messages from the laptop show, was aware of CEFC’s role in Beijing’s ongoing venture, which seeks to expand the communist government’s influence in nearly 70 countries through infrastructure development.

On Thursday, Biden spent more than two hours on the phone with Xi talking about the U.S.-China relationship, including the contentious issue of Taiwan’s sovereignty.

Bobulinski told Carlson he met with Joe Biden on May 2, 2017, in the lobby bar of the Beverly Hilton with Hunter and Jim. The purpose of the meeting, he said, was for Joe Biden to vet him as the CEO of the joint venture with the Chinese energy firm.

He met with Joe Biden a second time, the following morning, backstage at a conference, where, he said, the former VP told him, “Keep an eye on my son and brother and look out for my family.”

Two weeks after the meetings, Gilliar warned Bobulinski not to mention Joe Biden’s involvement in the CEFC deal.

“I, 1,000%, sit here and know that the big guy is referencing Joe Biden,” Bobulinski told the Fox News host of the email referencing the 10% cut.

“That’s crystal clear to me because I lived it,” he added. “I met with the former vice president (Joe Biden) in person multiple times, and I had been meeting and talking with Hunter Biden and Jim Biden and Rob Walker and James Gilliar.”

Bobulinski gave the FBI all his messages and documents related to the Biden family in October 2020.

Listen to Tony Bobulinski state he is certain the “big guy” is Joe Biden:

‘I don’t think that the Big Guy really cares’
In the message exchange reported Thursday by the New York Post, Gilliar essentially was asked if the Bidens would throw them under the bus.

Would “Hunter and/or Joe or Joe’s campaign try to make it ‘Oh, we were never involved’ … and try to basically make us collateral damage?”

Gilliar replied, “I don’t see how that would work for them.” He added that if Joe Biden wins the presidency, “they would just leave sleeping dogs lie.”

“If they lose,” he continued, “honestly, I don’t think that the Big Guy really cares about that because he’ll be too busy focusing on all the other s–t he is doing.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy promises a series of “aggressive” investigations of the matter if the Republicans regain control of the House in the midterm elections, as polls indicate.

A source close to McCarthy, the Post reported, said the “message to his ranking members has been clear: Be aggressive, leave no stone unturned, ignore backlash from the leftwing media and do everything in your power to be ready to hold Biden accountable on day one.

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., said Wednesday GOP lawmakers will use their power to investigate the Biden family’s influence-peddling operation, promising, for example, to move to “defund” officials who don’t cooperate.

In the House hearing Thursday, Biggs showed the DOJ’s Olsen some of the evidence that Hunter Biden poses a national security threat.

See Biggs’ questions for the DOJ official:

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Meanwhile, while Joe Biden continues to insist he never discussed his son’s business with him, the evidence continues to mount that the president not only was aware of the deals, he kept abreast of the details and profited from them.

The New York Post reported earlier this month that Hunter Biden’s personal calendar from the laptop shows he and his business partners met at the White House or the vice president’s residence with Joe Biden dozens of times, often immediately upon returning from business trips.

DailyMail.com reported recently that Hunter Biden confided in a text exchange with Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother, that he was feeling pressure over “suspected involvement” in brokering an oil deal “directly” with Russian President Vladimir Putin just as his father was about to run for president.

Earlier this month, DailyMail.com reported a voicemail from Hunter Biden’s laptop in which Joe Biden referenced a New York Times story on Hunter’s dealings with the Chinese energy firm.

In March, the New York Times finally acknowledged that the contents reported to be from the laptop were authentic. Establishment media and social media, however, suppressed the New York Post’s revelations from the laptop, touting the evidence-free claim by 51 former U.S. national security officials that it had the “hallmarks” of Russian disinformation.

A poll of Joe Biden voters after the 2020 election showed that if they had known of the evidence of the candidate’s complicity in an international business trading on access to the White House, they would not have voted for the Democratic candidate.

Earlier this month, a poll indicated American voters overall believe Joe Biden profited from the deals made by his son Hunter and brother Jim with the likes of Chinese Communist Party operatives and corrupt Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs.

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